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late blight fungicides

3 fungicide for tomatoes and late blight

​Late blight tomato treatment

late blight fungicides

For your tomatoes to thrive, remain healthy, and free of fungus, you need to spray them with the best fungicides for tomatoes. This lets you treat or control fungi maladies before they destroy your crop.

Among infestations that afflict tomatoes, three of the most common are septoria leaf spot, early blight, and late blight. Spraying with great products,such as a fungicide for tomatoes and late blight spray, goes a long way in salvaging a desperate situation.

A homemade fungicide for tomatoes gives you an avenue to enhance your tomato crop harvest. A homemade compost tea fungicide is one choice. Another homemade option is a baking soda spray for tomato blight concoction. This concoction features baking soda, horticultural or vegetable oil, dishwashing soap, and water.

However, a commercial tomato fungicide stands a better chance due to the stringent research that goes into their preparation and precise measurement features that come with a tomato spray guide.Table of content​Late blight tomato treatment​3 best fungicides for tomatoes and late blight1. Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide 16oz (473ML)2. Southern Ag Captan 50% WP Fungicide, 8 Oz3. Southern Ag Liquid Copper Fungicide, 16oz – 1 Pint

​3 best fungicides for tomatoes and late blight

Below are three excellent products that make your venture easier in your search for tomato disease treatment.

1. Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide 16oz (473ML)

Once you discover your garden, or neighboring gardens havea history with septoria leaf spot, early blight, or late blight, among other maladies, then your tomatoes are vulnerable too.

That is one way of knowing if you should use fungicide on your tomato plants.

Apply copper fungicides for tomatoes long before symptoms of infestation appear. This is particularly critical if you live in a humid and warm environment, where blight and other such maladies thrive.

Lovable Features of Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide

Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide 16oz (473ML) will protect a wide range of plants in your garden, besides tomatoes, from several disease infections. Suchplants include your lawn tuft grass, vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

This commercial tomato fungicide is particularly effective against blight and is very suitable for your organic gardening. Thistomato disease treatmentwill not harm those beneficial insects, such as bees, that compliment your gardening.

In addition, you can safely use this product both indoors,on your windowsill plants for example, and outdoors on your tomato crop.

Physical Features and Application of Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide 16oz (473ML)

This fungicide for tomatoes and late blight comes in a package measuring 1 by 1 by 1 inches in dimensions and weighs 1 pound. Ingredients include copper octanoate, or copper soap, at 10%.

It is critical to spray in the early morning or early evening, while it is still cool. Conversely, early evening spraying gives it time to dry before nightfall.

This product is Amazon’s top choice for copper fungicide. That is no mean achievement as a tomato disease treatment.

  • ​Concentrate lets you set your dose, preferable to pre-mixed products
  • ​Helps to reduce white flies
  • ​Your plants should not spend overnight wet with the product.
  • ​Sun heat bakes this product while it should actually dry.

2. Southern Ag Captan 50% WP Fungicide, 8 Oz

For a wide range of fungi that threaten your tomato crop, this is an excellent general-purpose fungicide. It spectrum of activity is wide.

It works quite well despite prevailing diverse weather and growing conditions. The type of soil in which you grow your tomatoes will not be a problem either with this product.

Attractive Features

Fungi that attack your tomato crops have yet to develop resistance against this powerful fungicide.

It contains captan, which is a micro-fine powder that you can mix in water to create a spray. You can then use this spray to control numerous fungus diseases that afflict fruits, ornamental plants, lawn turf grass, and vegetables.

It comes with an instruction guide that gives precise dosage application measurements such as 2 pounds per acre.

Physical Features

This product comes in a package weighing 8 ounces and measuring 3 by 3 by 6 inches in dimensions.

It is a powder that you can wet or mix with water to create a powerful spraying agent.

The mixture has low toxin traits against honeybees and other garden beneficial insects. However, it would be preferable to stop spraying when plants are in full bloom.

Its active ingredient features Captan, or N-Trichloromethylthio-4-cyclohexene-1,2-dicarboximideat 48.9%.

Mixing this fungicide powder with water and applying as a foliar spray gives you a powerful deterrent and control tool against tomato-attacking fungus.

  • ​Safe for use around garden pollinators
  • ​Powder form lets you set your precise dose compared to pre-mixed competitors.
  • ​Leaves white powder coating on leaves, although this powder washes away with rainfall.
  • ​Calls for precise dose measurement and stringent adherence to guide instructions

3. Southern Ag Liquid Copper Fungicide, 16oz – 1 Pint

Should you have a garden of nut and fruit crops, a lawn turf, ornamental crops, or vegetables, you need to have this product around to control various diseases affecting such crops.

Attractive Features

This liquid copper fungicide features a formulation that works brilliantly with your hose end sprayers.

Its gives you enormous power over fungi and bacteria diseases. These include algae control over grass on your lawn turf, moss control in live oak or ornamentals, and prevention or control of fungal leaf spots, blights, and rust attacks on your tomatoes.

It is so easy to prepare and use. It simply requires mixing with water, using doses prescribed in its instruction guide, followed by misting, as a foliar spray, on your tomato crop.

Physical Features

Its packaging weighs 1.32 pounds and measures 2 by 4.1 by 6 inches in dimensions.

It consists of a 16-ounce liquid concoction whose active ingredients include 31.4% Copper Ammonium complex, an 8% Metallic Copper Equivalent, at 0.784 pounds per gallon.

Its application rate will vary depending on the crop under attack and the instruction guide settings. For your tomatoes, you need 2 ounces, per 1000 square feet, mixed in 2 gallons of water.

Tomato fungi, septoria leaf spot, late blight, and early blight are known to overwinter in the soil.

In addition, these maladies have a tendency to spread quite easily onto your tomatoes, as water splashes up onto the stems and leaves, infecting them with pathogens.

These diseases can be prevented from attacking your crops, and when they do, they can be controlled. Southern Ag Liquid Copper Fungicide, 16oz – 1 Pint provides an easily accessible control and prevention tool for these maladies.


  • ​Powerful against tomato leaf blight
  • ​Best alternative to purchasing pre-mixed copper competitors


  • ​Close attention to instruction and dosage critical for desired results.
  • ​Several rounds of spraying are necessary to control fungus disease outbreaks.

Copper fungicides are effective in treating and preventing bacterial pathogens and fungi. This makes such products quite valuable for you, as a home gardener, to have in your gardening arsenal.

As you venture out in search of the best fungicide for tomato early blight and other maladies, take particular care to look up on the ingredients.

garden gloves with claws

Garden genie gloves review: All round gardening gloves

​Gardening gloves with claws

garden gloves with claws

There are some garden accessories that you can not do without..among them the best gardening gloves…and I will show you why in this garden genie gloves review

Let’s go back to your garden:

It’s most likely littered and full of dirt, chemicals, thorns, and numerous other irritants

And yet you must pull the weeds, till the soil and dig up the roots without harming your tender hands.

To save your hands, you’ll need good gardening gloves. Garden genie gloves are  highly rated when it comes to gardening gloves.

And you can’t really compare them with your pair of simple cotton gloves…these have claws, are tougher, more flexible, allergy safe, and generally head and shoulders above cotton in many other ways.Table of content​Garden gloves with claws​Garden genie gloves reviews 20181.   Garden Genie -Honey Premium Badger garden gloves2.   Right and Left Hand Garden Genie Gloves- For Rose Pruning3.   Garden Genie Gloves by Techno.4.   Futre Garden Genie Gloves (Claws on EACH Hand)5. Women’s Honey Badger Premium garden gloves- gardening gloves for thorns6.   Inf-way Garden Genie Gloves-Both Hand Claws (Left + Right  Claw pair)7.     Wolverine Grip – Gardening Gloves WOMEN’S SIZES and COLORSGarden genie gloves Vs other gardening glovesHow to Select The perfect Claw Gardening GlovesGarden Genie Gloves: Frequently Asked Questions(Faqs)

​Garden genie gloves reviews 2018

As usual, we like sharing with you the recommendations of our research team. Here now are the recommended gardening claw gloves.

1.   Garden Genie -Honey Premium Badger garden gloves

Honey badger garden gloves are one of the pioneer high-grade claw garden gloves and use a breathable, stretching, and a very comfortable fabric to secure your hands.

Based on a custom “ease-of-use” technology, it ensures that your fingers are stress-free by concentrating pressure on the stronger parts of your rather than your weaker fingertips.

It also has a waterproof coating and is abrasion resistant.

Made of high-density ABS material and with a breathable stretching fabric on the back, this is one of the very ​top notch gloves with claws

They can be a powerful tool for most of your gardening tasks

  • Extremely durable
  • Very breathable
  • Smooth interiors
  • Waterproof
  • Very well made 
  • They may run a bit large 

2.   Right and Left Hand Garden Genie Gloves- For Rose Pruning

Garden Genie Gloves, Right Hand Claws Quick Easy to Nursery Digging Planting and Safe for Rose Pruning - As Seen On TV

One of these hand claws is right-handed and the other left-handed.

They have been designed in a way that they will adapt to each of your 2 hands naturally meaning you feel super comfortable as you go about pruning your roses.

Their claws attach strongly so they are very easy to dig with even in heavy soil. Also, they flex easily , therefore, they will help you engage in a variety of tasks.

These are customized to fit either of your hands naturally, have reinforced claws to match,and a 100% puncture resistant material.

They make gardening safe, smooth-sailing and easier.

  • Puncture resistant
  • Feels so smooth
  • Long lasting
  • Sharp claws
  • Custom fit 
  • May fade after prolonged use 

3.   Garden Genie Gloves by Techno.

These are a major upgrade on standard gloves.

One, their “gardening claws” have hardened tips allowing you to dig up any soil without requiring any hand tool.

Secondly, they are waterproof- a number of the standard garden claw gloves are not.

You will ,therefore, work on moist soil without wetting your hands.

Another fabulous feature is that they are puncture resistant.

They therefore allow you to work without fear around thorny plants or rocky areas

Garden genie gloves are tough, breathable, water, puncture and wear resistant…I can go on and on.

Everything that you may ever need in digging claws may have been included here!

  • Very easy to use
  • Super lightweight
  • Build to last
  • Breathable
  • Very well crafted 
  • The tips may come off on hardy soil
  • Sizing can be a challenge 

4.   Futre Garden Genie Gloves (Claws On EACH Hand)

If you are tired of coming out of your garden with blistered hands, then these 8 claws gardening gloves could offer you an escape.

Again made from resilient ABS plastic and with specially designed claws on both gloves, you will these easier to use whether you are left-handed or right-handed

You can even interchange the gloves to ramp up the fun.

The breathable nylon on their back reduces sweating while Protecting your hands from farm dirt, sweating, and injuries that may come with heavy duty work.

These Garden Genie clawed gloves have specially designed claw tips making them excellent for digging and when preparing compost.

They could be your best bet not only for your garden but also for general protection around your household

  • Easy to clean
  • Highly flexible
  • Very light
  • Firmer grip
  • Highly breathable 
  • May not be very durable but will live its worth. 

5. Women’s Honey Badger Premium garden gloves- gardening gloves for thorns

If you are a lady and have had a hard time finding snug-fitting gardening claw gloves, then you will be happy to meet the garden genie women’s honey badger gardening gloves which have been radically improved for tender hands.

Made of ABS material and the typical breathable stretchy fabric common in honey badger gloves, these gloves can withstand harassment from tougher garden duties including those involving thorns, while remaining versatile and flexible for lighter tasks that could require more precision.

And they give you more color choices and a sleek look!

Built for ladies, there offer a 360-degree protection against common gardening hazards including chemicals and sharp objects.

They give you the feminine look that ladies love but deliver a muscular performance in your garden!

  • Great fit
  • Highly durable
  • Easier to clean
  • Puncture proof 
  • Very cool
  • a bit pricey 

6.   Inf-way Garden Genie Gloves-Both Hand Claws (Left + Right  Claw pair)

Their palms are coated with high-quality latex hence they are highly effective against accidental cuts, pricks from thorns, broken nails, dirt, and even impurities. They also stretch a great deal so they will certainly fit your hands like natural skin while giving you more comfort and superior flexibility

Coming to grip, these gardening gloves have one of the strongest grips thus rarely do objects slip from your hold.

They are of premium quality meaning you can wear them for hours on end without feeling a pinch

Both the right and left-handed claws are packed in the box

With one size fitting almost everyone and made of high-quality latex, these premium quality gardening gloves have the style and the power to safeguard you- whatever the task.

They could prove to be a shrewd addition to your gardening armory.


  • Easy to wear
  • Highly flexible
  • Heavy-duty claw glove
  • Very comfortable
  • Fit well 


  • Not great with hard soil 

7.     Wolverine grip – gardening gloves women’s sizes and colors

These wolverine gloves with claws are constructed from a unique 13-gauge breathable fabric plus a mild stretching cuff which prevents dirt from entering.

They are then coated with a high-end cut and abrasion resistant latex foam.

Their claws are integrated and made of durable plastic-and in fact, you can expect to use these for up to 200 hours without any signs of wear or tear.

We also noticed that they are washable and have highly attractive colors.

The wolverine grip – gardening gloves women’s sizes and colors  are constructed of highly durable plastic &are expected to deliver an average of 200 hours of service in your gardening.

They promise and do indeed make your life much easier.

  • UV protected 
  • Nice colors
  • Washable
  • Very comfortable

Garden genie gloves Vs other gardening gloves

Before we head to the garden genie gloves review proper, let’s see how garden claw gloves compare with the rest:

  • They are made of high Quality materials
  • High density plastic claws instantly replace some hand tools

Since that are made of renowned materials such as ABS plastic among others, you can execute some of the common gardening tasks without any tools e.g. spreading and grading top soil

  • Makes you work easier
  • Makes digging, planting, grading and raking fast and easy

Because of the way they are constructed, garden genie gloves will make digging, planting, and raking faster and easier- after all, we have seen you may not need any tool.

  • Puncture resistant

Majority of these claw gloves are hard to puncture so your hands remain protected from cuts and blisters

  • Easily rinsed clean

Unlike many of the traditional garden gloves, a majority of these have waterproof material so you just rinse them to clean.

Your hands will hence remain germ-free and dry all through

  • More flexible

Again, a good garden genie glove has a flexible, ergonomic design meaning you have better grip even very small objects and increase comfort

Disadvantages of garden genie gloves

These garden gloves with claws don’t have major weaknesses as compared with their common competition as far as we are concerned.

However, over time, the claws wear out- not a major issue as most will have done their work.

Then a few lack the perfect fit.

Other than this, they are quite useful in your day-to-day gardening adventures

Where to buy  garden genie gloves

You can buy gardening gloves with claws from Amazon, Alibaba, Wal-Mart, eBay and from most of the online stores.

Also, some manufacturers have dedicated e-commerce website for them. Other places you can check include local gardening stores.

In our case, we found more variety from Amazon and much better prices.

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How to Select The perfect Claw Gardening Gloves

You need to check out a few things when buying protective digging gloves.

  • Insulation level

Gardening during the winter months will require thicker gloves.

For summer work, lighter pairs will do provided they are breathable.

  • Dexterity

Some of the gardening tasks can be delicate so you need your gloves to offer good dexterity

  • Material

The material can make a huge difference when investing in garden gloves. gardening gloves typically come from any of these materials:

  1. Leather:

For many gardeners, leather gloves beat all the rest in terms of durability.

  1. Synthetic Leather:

If you are a vegan and green-minded, synthetic leather provides the perfect middle ground between environmental sustainability and durability.

  1. Nitrile:

Nitrile rubber is chemical-resistant and allergy-safe. It’s highly flexible and puncture-proof

  1. Latex:

This is quite common. It’s affordable and durable. It does well in safeguarding you from cuts and scratches.

  1. Bamboo:

A rare material, bamboo excels absorbs perspiration and delivers excellent breathability. It also offers better insulation keeping your hands cool in hot weather and warm in freezing seasons

  1. Spandex:

Typically, spandex will be combined with synthetic leather introducing maximum breathability and attaining unbelievable durability.

  • Male, Female, or Unisex Gloves?

You could be looking for ladies gardening gloves or even male digging gloves. Well, I feel that unisex gardening claws offer more convenience.

You see your friend or family can borrow your gloves – even if they are of the opposite sex.

However, the decision will be finally up to you!

Garden Genie Gloves: Frequently Asked Questions(Faqs)

As we summarize this garden genie gloves review, let’s have a look at some of your common questions

What is the ​right fit?

Your gloves should fit just “snug” -not tight. Your fingers should be able to comfortably reach the end without you ‘pushing’ the tips

What’s the recommended way to clean and care for gardening gloves?

It depends on the materials. For ABS materials, you may first hose off any heavy debris then rinse dry.

For the those labeled machine washable, after hosing off dirt put them in your washer and finally to your dryer

Caution:If they have a Velcro band,  close their wrist tab tightly to avoid their Velcro catching on your other laundry items

Will they protect my hand from thorns and stickers?

Yes, most good brands will protect your hands from thorns

How else  can I use garden genie gloves?

Most are very versatile: They can protect your hands when cycling, skiing, rowing, sailing, walking your dog, and even in paragliding

How do women’s gloves differ from men’s?

Most Women’s gloves cut narrower across your palm and are slightly elongated so as to accommodate even longer fingernails.


In this garden genie gloves review, we have seen that your hands are better off with the best gardening gloves

Otherwise, garden-borne threats such as thorns, bugs, and chemicals can make your time in the yard a very unhappy experience.

We have also gone through some garden genie gloves reviews and you now have a rough idea of what to expect.

Then, when investing in claw gardening gloves, check its material, dexterity, insulation, and even convenience.

And if you follow our advice, I’m pretty sure you will be one step closer to being a happy, satisfied farmer.

Gardeners Seat on Wheels : Rolling garden scooters 2018 Reviews

​How to choose the ​right rolling garden scooter ​

If you are always into chores such as trimming, pruning or even weeding, gardeners seat on wheels is a godsend.

This is why:

First, they allow you to sit while gardening, painting or planting, even if the ground is wet.

Then, they are pain relievers- you will soon forget about your sore back and hurting knee.

Achieving the right height to make your gardening or weeding easier can be tough. In fact, I have to stand for long hours to do a good job.

But with a rolling garden scootersetting the right height is breeze and the whole experience is quite exciting.

Can you now see why I said gardening stool with wheels is a gardener’s little savior?

3 Best  Gardeners seat on wheels reviews 2018

Whether you are looking for a gardening seat for elderly or just a garden scooter with storage, we got you covered.

We scoured the web, talked to experienced grounds-men and interviewed top-ranked manufacturers in an effort to pinpoint the best out of all gardeners seat on wheels that were presented to our team.

Here are the three finalists;

1. Step2 Garden Hopper – best rolling garden seat


  • 7-Inch smooth rolling wheels
  • Large storage bin
  • Sturdy double-wall construction
  • Maximum weight: 250 lbs
  • Molded-in seat handle
  • Beverage holder
  • No assembly needed

Ability to quickly hop from one spot to another is essential if you will achieve all that you planned to in your garden.

Now, not many gardeners seat on wheels can beat the step2 garden hopper in making your day outwith the soil more fruitful

Just to mention but a few, it features an accomplished sturdy seat which is neither too high nor too low for your advantage.

Then, its’ molded carrying handle together with solid 7-inch wheels make scooting about breeze.

Finally, apart from the large storage space, there is a beverage holder so that you can carry your favorite refreshment with you

No wonder it’s one of the most popular gardening stool with wheels

  • This is a sturdy little hopper
  • Its super lightweight
  • it has a comfortable height size
  • Unlike some of its peers, it rolls smoothly on grass
  • The scoot has a drink holder
  • It’s very cute
  • It has lots of under seat storage 
  • It lacks enough support for bigger guys- maximum weight is 250lbs
  • The wheels don’t swivel 

2. Deluxe XTV Rolling Gardening Scooter- Best rolling garden seat with big wheels for elderly and disabled.


  • Height adjustable
  • Flexible push handle(moves from 15″ to 19″)
  • Bucket hook
  • Made of easy- to-clean, rust resistant material Durable
  • Uses Never Flat Tires(10 x 3)
  • Push Pull handle(also a backrest)

This makes everything so easy- from sitting to standing or bending. It works so well you suspect it must have been designed by a long-suffering gardener.

it’s 10 x 3 “Never Flat” tires helps it roll smoothly across the yard, garage or yard not forgetting that it’s a customizable swivel seat so your comfort is always guaranteed- whatever your activity.

And it has a surprising bonus bucket hook to help you move your watering bucket conveniently!

Superb for gardening, painting, and many other projects, the deluxe XTV rolling gardening scooterimpresses with its never flat tires, easy access storage, and adjustable push handle.

Throw in the bucket hook and you realize this is a very unique rolling garden scooter.

  • It is a very sturdy scooter
  • The bucket hook enables you to carry a bucket with you
  • It handles uneven surfaces pretty well
  • Adjusting the Height levels is quite easy
  • Cleaning it requires minimal effort
  • The storage is spacious enough to hold all your critical tools 
  • Its movement on grass is not as smooth as on other surfaces. 

3.     Deluxe Tractor Scoot with Bucket Basket- best rolling garden seatfor a heavy guy


  • 10″pneumatic tires
  • Bucket basket perfect a 3-1/2 gallon Tubtrug or 5-gallon pail
  • 1” Powder-coated tubular steel
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Height-adjustable, swiveling seat (from 16″ it can go up to 19″ high)
  • Maximum Weight: 400 lbs
  • Needs assembly

A while back, a friend approached me.

She requested me to help her get ​a rolling garden seatfor a heavy guy.

​Thank God we met the Deluxe Tractor scoot with bucket basket- a gardening scooter that has the heavy duty construction required to hold upto 400 lbs.

This is a classic steerable garden scoot. It goes anywhere, does almost everything and is super-stable.

Its bucket basket, sizeable pneumatic tires, flexible handle and indeed every other feature points to it being a reliable assistant for all your landscaping activities.

To cap it all, it can hold top weights- up to 400lbs.

It could be your dream come true scoot.

  • It has a very nice design
  • With the tray plus a basket, you have plenty of storage
  • It is very secure with heavy guys
  • Because of its extended adaptability, its handle is very helpful especially for steering it.
  • You will find the seat very comfortable 
  • Its assembly is a bit involving.
  • Initially, you experience a strong odor from the wheels though it eventually goes off. 

What makes a great rolling garden scooter?

Trust me- I have always tended my garden and I have been disappointed by a couple of the gardening stool with wheels.

I would, therefore, advise you to keep the following things in mind;

  • It’s weight

To begin with, it must be able to move to all the corners of your garden so it’s important that it’s lightweight.

  • Size of its front and rear wheels

On the same note, a rolling garden seat with big wheels will perform better since it’s easier to maneuver even in rough surfaces

  • Does it provide for tools storage?

In addition, if it provides a compartment to store my gardening tools as I move around, then I consider it awesome- obviously because it makes me better organized and my efforts effortless.

  • Versatility

Indeed, some ​ gardeners seat on wheels are 3-in-1’s-it’s a seat, spacious tool storage, and superb kneeler.

It will earn itself additional marks if it’s this multi functional

  • Durability

Preferably, it should be made of long lasting materials such as factory grade aluminum or steel. The rest of the parts should be similar resilient.

  • Adjustability

To achieve the optimal height, it should provide for a mechanism to push its height upwards/downwards to your most convenient point.

Overall, the best rolling garden seat comes with more functions and features such as storage, seat height adjustment and sealed storage boxes to keep your gardening tools within reach.

The other alternative you can use is a good garden kneeler for your knees.

​​​​How to get the most out of your rolling garden seat with big wheels

bending while gardening backpain

You know that back pain you get after a few hours of bending while gardening?

Unless you know how to use it, even the ​perfect rolling scooter won’t improve your productivity. Here is how you can maximize it;

Set it to the right height

And that’s why we said it needs to be height adjustable. If you are running it too tall or too low, you will experience back pain, tire and you might soon call off the whole operation

Understand ​the right steering position

Some scoots move well when you are riding while others roll easily when pulled by the handle. It’s for you to find out how ​correctly to steer it- do check the instructions manual

Pack everything

Carry your gloves, seeds, tools, smartphone, and other accessories you may need.  After all, most have storage. Otherwise, a lot of time will be lost going back to your house to pick something you could have easily have carried along.

Get its assembly right

For those that need some setup, it’s important to get it right the very first time. Otherwise, it will never meet your expectations once you mess up.

Know its limits

You will break it if you force it to do what it clearly can’t. For example, you can’t extend the height beyond the specified levels.

Also, don’t force it to swivel if it doesn’t.

Wrapping it up

We have seen that gardeners seat on wheels eliminate most of your gardening’s back-breaking elements and let you work in comfort.

Furthermore, you can also use them in household chores, like painting baseboards where they help you level with the ground.

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Window Sill Herb Garden Kits

​How to choose an indoor herb garden kit

indoor windowsill herb garden

Limited space need not be a hindrance in satisfying your itch to start a garden. Neither should time or climate. A perfect alternative would be a smaller indoor herb garden. To liven up your windowsill or office shelf, picking the best Window Sill Herb Garden Kits available would be the thing to do. Your dinnertime menu too will be all the better.

READ  Gardeners resource

Herb garden kits come is all shapes and sizes. As such, picking an appropriate windowsill herb garden kit that suits your needs may be a challenge.

This article hopes to lighten your choice making. This is through the presentation of four excellent choices for you to pick one that meets your needs.

Alternatively, pick all four to act as an indoor window sill herb planter kit for each of your rooms in your home.Table of content​How to choose an indoor herb garden kit​Window Sill Herb Garden Kits review 20181. Window Garden Rustic Charm Herb Trio Kit –  indoor garden kit2. Aquaphoric – ​ Self Watering Planter3. Grow 5 Herbs From Organic Seeds with Nature’s Blossom’s Herb Garden Starter Kit –  A Complete Set W/ Everything a Gardener Needs to Grow Culinary Plants indoors4. Window Garden Edible Fairy Garden Kit with an Enchanting Fairytale and Accessories

​Window Sill Herb Garden Kits review 2018

1. Window Garden Rustic Charm Herb Trio Kit –  indoor garden kit

This indoor kitchen herb garden kit brings a unique handcrafted ceramic planter that adds old world charm to any windowsill. It will compliment your kitchen décor too.

This windowsill herb planter measures 15.8 by 5.2 by 6 inches in dimensions and weighs 3.75 pounds.

It conveniently comes with three cups of fiber soil that allow roots to breathe and plants to flourish.The soil consists of microscopic straw-like fibers.

Its porosity enables root sprawling and stretching, allowing plant flourishment. This soil does away with purchasing and lugging around bags of heavy pot soil.

Simply add fertilizer and hydrate pot discs in a dish to keep your windowsill garden lush and vibrant.

A germination bag keeps your seeds warm and moist while the fiber soil has over watering prevention traits. A detailed instruction manual, for guidance through the entire growing process, is included.

The process involves hydrating fiber soil through a watered dish, planting seeds into the soil, and germinating the seed with placement of a plastic bag over the pot.

Finally, ensuring seeds remain moist is crucial so watering and applying fertilizer when required is important.

Do not grow your cherished herbs in flimsy cheap pots. This indoor kitchen herb garden kit has impressive packaging and quality components, ensuring this kit impresses anyone receiving it as a gift.

  • Kit has basil, sage, and chives herbs. 
  • Very clear instruction manual in color, diagrams, and pictures. 
  • Herbs not interchangeable although you can change seeds. 
  • Soil lacks nutrients and fertilizer is required.

2. Aquaphoric – ​ Self Watering Planter

This indoor window sill herb garden kit gives you attractive and innovative growing solutions.It takes advantage of sun energy to bring joy from the power of plants all year.

Growing plants on your windowsill gives you something to eat and admire as you breath the healthier air they bring.

It comes in vibrant colors and sleek lines that compliment homes, condominiums, or apartments. You have choices of decorative pot colors that complement home décor and chosen plants.

Convenience arises from its two-quart fiber soil, a superior plant growing medium, which allows your plant roots to breath. This kit has self-watering traits.

A water level indicator informs you when to and how much water your indoor houseplants need.

Its passive hydroponic action system creates ideal growing balance, between water and oxygen, around your plant roots.

This prevents flooding and under-watering of plants. This kit is 7 by 7 by 6.5 inches in dimensions, made of plastic, and weighs 1.3 pounds.

With this indoor window sill herb garden kit, you do away with soggy roots or wilted plants that arise from under or over watering plants.

  • Kit lets you meet precise water and nutrient needs for your plants 
  • Kit comes with an excellent instruction manual in color, with diagrams and pictures 
  • Soil has minimal nutrients. You need to fertilize your plants 
  • Water indicator gauge tends to get stuck sometimes 

3. Grow 5 Herbs From Organic Seeds with Nature’s Blossom’s Herb Garden Starter Kit –  A Complete Set W/ Everything a Gardener Needs to Grow Culinary Plants indoors

This indoor window sill herb planter kit gives you all you need as you grow five culinary herbs from seed.

It has top growing success rates within the market. Its seeds are entirely organic and non-GMO. They have been open pollinated and grown naturally within the United States.

It is a fun gift ideal for fresher gardeners, allowing them to grow a culinary herb garden with ease.

It lets you spice up your kitchen with fresh homegrown herbs. These include basil, parsley, sage, thyme, and cilantro.

The kit works well both indoors and outdoors in gardening. Kits have five units each of organic herb seed packets, seed starting biodegradable growing pots, and compressed soil discs made of unique coir mixture.

A kit also has five plant markers and a systematic instruction manual, all gift-wrapped in a sleekly designed box so it can be a perfect gift for a loved one. The product will occupy 8 by 4.5 by 7 inches in dimensions and weigh 11.2 ounces on your window sill.

This outdoor or indoor window sill herb garden kit lets you experience endless possibilities as you grow unique herbs right from seed to harvest.

There will be no need for prior experience or additional tools to work this kit.

  • Lets you grow and taste fresh herbs picked from your own herb garden. 
  • Package has all essentials to grow herbs indoors with no additional tools needed. 
  • Over watering plants may create a mold menace. 
  • New package requires close to ensure each item is present, including the right units.

4. Window Garden Edible Fairy Garden Kit with an Enchanting Fairytale and Accessories

Window Garden Edible Fairy Garden Kit with an Enchanting Fairytale and Accessories

These types of herb growing kits for the children help, through hands-on creativity and stories, children to learn how to grow and nurture their own mini vegetable gardens.

With this kit, the edible mini vegetables are ready for the dining table within ten days. It has an enchanting fable that talks of Blossom, a butterfly fairy’s fantastic journey.

Its glittery fairy components consist of adorable color coordinated accessories. The beautiful package contains an iridescent Butterfly Fairy, a unique 15 by 6 inch acrylic dish, sea glass, real moss, fiber soil, and flower picks.

Other components include the fairly story, spray bottle, micro-green seeds and a detailed instruction manual.

It has a design that engages children, through storytelling, to grow their own mini microgreen vegetables in an indoor garden. The micro-green baby vegetables shoots are ready after ten days of growing near a window.

The seedlings bring crisp textures, busts of vivid colors, and intense flavors that will transform your favorite dish into a nutrient rich gourmet experience. These seeds have their own food supplies they augment from soil, water, and light.

This green kit measures 15.2 by 6.5 by 2.3 inches in dimension and weighs 2.1 pounds. This is a lovely Christmas or birthday gift for a young child who loves fairies and gardens.

It presents a parent and child with a simple activity to undertake together.

  • A perfect gift for young children exploring gardening. 
  • Easy to set up from a detailed diagramed instruction manual 
  • Scrutinize the package closely to ensure each item is present and in working condition. 
  • Adult supervision is necessary for the children using this kit.

Winter covers for outdoor plants and trees: Frost blankets for plants

One of the best ways to keep your plants protected from frost is by using winter covers for outdoor plants and trees

These cold-trapping covers give your scared plants a cozy hideaway that is much warmer than the freezing surrounding air.

While the difference may only be a few degrees, they nevertheless make a huge difference.

The good thing is that these plant covers for cold weather are very effective and are readily available.

In this article, I will be discussing winter gardening and specifically, how to keep trees from freezing plus any other plant for that matter.

To start with, let’s look at some of the winter covers for outdoor plants and trees that can help you keep your plants alive.Table of contentBest Winter covers for outdoor plants and trees reviews 20181. Sprinkler Frost Cloth Plant Freeze Blanket – 6×20-Feet2. Easy Gardener Frost Protection Blanket3. DeWitt Supreme Winterization Cloth Freeze Blanket4. Planket Frost Protection Plant Cover Rectangular5. Agfabric Warm Worth Ultra-Heavy Plant Blanket6. Planket Frost Protection Plant Cover, 6 ft Round7. Nuvue Products 20250 Winter Shrub Cover8. Tierra Garden Easy Fleece Tunnel9. Tierra Garden Easy Fleece Jacket, 2-Pack10. Agfabric Warm Worth Plant Cover

Best Winter covers for outdoor plants and trees reviews 2018

1. Sprinkler Frost Cloth Plant Freeze Blanket – 6×20-Feet

  • Medium weight-1.5oz.
  • Permeable fabric.
  • UV Treated
  • Reusable
  • 6×20-Feet

Frost blankets are quite popular.They work by banishing cold air and establishing an insulating air compartment around plants.

Heat from soil-warmer than air- is snared beneath your blanket and held closer to the plants.

The sprinkler frost cloth plant freeze blanket is a top medium weight permeable, UV treated blanket that safe guards your plants from freezing temperatures.

This is one of the best shrub covers for snow.

It is UV treated, breathable, reusable and installs easily


  • ​  Optimal thickness
  • ​You can easily cut it to the size you want
  • Breathable and light gets through it


  • ​Some plants may freeze if the weather is extremely cold

2. Easy Gardener Frost Protection Blanket


  • 6-8 degrees frost protection
  • Reusable
  • 10 feet X 12 feet

Frost blankets have varying thicknesses with thicker blankets protecting better than thinner ones.

The Easy Gardener Frost Protection is another huge frost blanket (10 feet x 12 feet) and is a bit thicker and heavier.

It superbly cushions your bushes, shrubs, and potted plants from frost.

This is again a 5-star chill-guardIt Breathes well, has sufficient weight and resists wind and ice to leave your plants safely tucked away.


  • Very breathable 
  • Folds easy for storage
  • Lighter so applying it is easy


3. DeWitt Supreme Winterization Cloth Freeze Blanket

Although your frost blanket can lie straight on plants, you normally get maximum protection when you set up a framework to hold it above plants.

Measuring 6-feet (wide) X 50-feet (long) this blanket not only fortifies your plants against frost, but can also be rolled back onto its core and stored in its accompanying plastic sleeve.

This 6-feet (wide) X 50-feet (long) fabric frost blanket defends your flowering annuals perfectly during severe freezing.

And, you just roll it back onto its core and then place it in its plastic sleeve for storage when you’re done. It’s a very convenient life-saver!.


  • Reusable
  • 5-ounce
  • 6-feet X 50-feet


  • Comes with a convenient plastic sleeve for storage
  • It is permeable
  • Pretty wide
  • It cuts very easily
  • Material is very strong


  • It can be a bit hard to move around

4. Planket Frost Protection Plant Cover Rectangular

A common headache with winter covers for outdoor plants and trees is how to keep them secured to the ground.

But with the Planket frost protection plant cover (rectangular), you will no longer be concerned about this- it comes with a total of 14 built in metal grommets along its edge to keep it secured to ground.

Then, you have a variety of sizes to choose from-both round and rectangular.

With a total of 14 in-built metal grommets, this blanket remains tightly secured to the ground and ensures that your most valuable plants survive biting snow, frost, sleet, and cold winds unscathed.

This is undoubtedly one of the most dogged tree covers for winter


  • 14 in-built metal grommets
  • Quality material
  • Available sizes:8ft. Round, 10ft. Round, the 6 ft. Round and 10 feet X 20 feet(rectangular)


  • Covers even hanging plants
  • Very affordable
  • So durable
  • breathable
  • Easy installation


  • It unties under strong wind

5. Agfabric Warm Worth Ultra-Heavy Plant Blanket

The higher the weight value, the thicker the fabric and the higher the temperatures kept.

Now, the Agfabric warm ultra-heavy plant blanket is one of the heaviest frost blankets for plants

Hitting 2.0 oz., this high quality and UV stabilized blanket provides a safe haven and is guaranteed to work even when frost is at its most bitter.

At 2.0oz, this frost blanket for trees is one of the thickest and rescues your cherished plants even when conditions are at their harshest state.

You can rely on this when you doubt everything else!


  • Super Heavy-Weight (1.5-2.0 oz.):
  • UV stabilized polypropylene fabric
  • Size: 13x100ft
  • Roll Style


  • Reusable
  • Breathable
  • Super sturdy
  • Versatile- protects almost everything
  • Easy installation- just roll it!


  • A bit pricey

6. Planket Frost Protection Plant Cover, 6 ft Round

Some plant frost protection fabric covers are specially designed to enclose plants with unique characteristics.

One of such is this Planket frost plant round cover which is specifically built to secure hanging plants.

First, it comes with an in-built cinch cord around its edge for securing it to plants and pots;

Then, this rounded cover has a Small hole at the center to use with hanging plants.

This is a round shaped frost blanket with a cinch cord to help secure it directly to plants and pots.

It also has a small hole at the center which makes it a perfect protector for your hanging plants.

  • Measurement: 6 feet round
  • Recommended for plants not more than 2 feet tall
  • Built-in cinch cord
  • Small hole in the center
  • Non woven material

7. Nuvue Products 20250 Winter Shrub Cover

Even if your shrubs are protected from snow but then no air is passing through, they won’t survive.

That’s why some winter shrub protectors are optimized to allow as much as possible to get through.

The Nuvue products winter shrub cover is one such guard.

It is made of a unique fiber material that not only allows maximum light penetration but also sufficient air flow- both of which are very crucial for plant survival.

Made of airy and light-permitting Fiber material, this garden crop cold protector will safely deliver your greens through the turbulent winter while keeping them full of health thanks to excellent air and light supply.


  • Synthetic fiber material
  • 4 ground spikes
  • Size: 22-inch (L) X 22-inch (W) X 24-inch (H)
  • Hunter green color


  • Excellent light/air penetration
  • Long-lasting product
  • Attractive hunter green color
  • Works superbly
  • Installation is a breeze 


  • The stakes aren’t that strong 

8. Tierra Garden Easy Fleece Tunnel & Tierra Garden Easy Fleece Jacket

Low tunnels are equivalent to mini greenhouses.

They Form a strong barrier against a multitude of threats- frost and punishing weather, pests, and animals, and also creates the warmth and insulation essential for healthy growth.

That is exactly how mighty this Tierra garden easy fleece tunnel is.

It’s an insurmountable barricade and still allows air, sunlight and moisture to filter through.

This low tunnel forms a powerful barrier against a variety of threats including frost, harsh weather, animals, pests, and in addition creates a cozy environment for your plants.

It’s another brilliant chill-guard!


  • UV-stabilized
  • Made of heavy-weight polypropylene
  • Open and closable drawstrings
  • Galvanized steel hoops
  • Drawstring ends
  • Measurements: 118″L by 18″W by 12″H


  • Quick set-up
  • Folds neatly and easily for store
  • Easy to push around
  • Rust-proof hoops
  • Tightly secures to the ground


  • Only serves small plants

​9. Agfabric Warm Worth Plant Cover

The drawstring design makes it easier to cover your plants during a storm.

The Agfabric warm worth plant cover has easy drawstring and is best positioned to tackle marauding insects, animals, snow hail and frost especially when a swift reaction is required.

It’s again a heavy weigh cover, UV protected and very plant friendly.


  • Measurements:
  • Recommended for Plant sizes 68”-72″high &140”-144″ round,
  • Heavy-weight (0.9-1.2 oz. /sq.)
  • Drawstring design
  • Made of UV stabilized polypropylene fabric allows

Owing to its drawstring design, this heavy-duty protector can be quickly deployed to screen your vegetables, flowers and any other growing plant against a plethora of threats including insects, weather and birds.

It bails out all endangered crops and also extends your growing season

This is what you look out for when buying winter covers for outdoor plants and trees:

To get to know the best winter covers for outdoor plants and trees, your focus should be on a number of things.

Here they are:

  • Material used

Most fabrics are made of woven polypropylene because it’s both lightweight and breathable.

This means that sunlight and water reach your plants, but frost remains firmly locked out.

Again, Most of these wooden shrub protectors are UV-stabilized.

This means they won’t break down easily when exposed to direct sunlight and can therefore be re-used for several seasons.

  • Thickness

Still on the question of how to protect fruit trees from frost damage, your covers’ thickness matters.

Generally, thicker protectors perform better than thinner ones.

In addition, they exclude more light.

It is like this:

Thicker covers protect plants to 24- 26° F and pass 30% of direct sunlight to plants

On the other hand, Thinner frost blankets protect plants to around 28° F and allow 70% of sunlight to pass to plants.

  • Size

It’s more economical to buy frost blanket rolls up to20 X 100 feet long, or 6 X 12 feet wide.

Then, Cut your fabric into varying sizes, and sew the pieces together as you may need to create larger blankets.

Remember to check your plants height since some are recommended for plants that reach certain inches tall

  • How is it secured?

Some frost blanket have grommets that help you to secure them to the ground so as they don’t get blown off by wind.

Others use hoops.

Just ensure that at least your choice has a mechanism to hold it tight.

  • Nature of your plants

Some plants can only go with certain specific protectors- for example, hanging plants can’t match to every cover- they will need a protector with a hole in the center for hanging

Wrapping up

To keep your garden shielded from frost is best done using winter covers for outdoor plants and trees.

They give your plants a cool, cozy hideaway that’s much warmer than the surrounding air. This ensures winter doesn’t bring you losses or nullify your efforts.

We also saw that you can work with frost blankets, fleece jackets, tunnels or any other efficient frost cover.

Lastly, to fully answer the question- how to keep trees from freezing?- remember the key considerations like size, overall design, size and even thickness matter.

Otherwise, that’s all there is for now about using winter covers for outdoor plants and trees.

With this, I am sure that you will be able to beat back any efforts by frost to derail your efforts.

Happy gardening.

gardening kneeling benches

Best garden kneeler bench reviews

​Best kneeling pad with handles for gardening

gardening kneeling benches

Gardening largely involves bending or sitting down in relatively uncomfortable positions as you attend to soil, weeding, plants, and harvesting.

An excellent way to ease this discomfort is to kneel down or sit on the best garden kneeler bench you can find in the market, while you go about these gardening activities.Table of content​Best kneeling pad with handles for gardening​Garden kneeler bench reviews 20181.Yard Butler GKS-2 – Best garden kneeler and seat2. Abco Tech garden kneeler seat and tool storage3. Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat- best garden kneeling bench with handles 4. SONGMICS UGGK49L folding garden kneeler seat5. Walter Drake Supportive  Garden Seat – heavy-duty foldable garden kneeler/bench​​What to look for in a  Garden Kneeler

​Garden kneeler bench reviews 2018

1.Yard Butler GKS-2 – Best garden kneeler and seat

Deep Seat Garden Kneeler

You can never be too old to reap benefits associated with gardening. Cultivating plants is an excellent way to relieve stress among so many other benefits that come from growing your own vegetables. One way to go about gardening in comfort is through working with a Yard Butler GKS-2 Garden Kneeler and Seat (Older Model).

Lovable Features of Yard Butler GKS-2 Garden Kneeler and Seat

Its ergonomic design will protect you from back pain that results from prolonged bending or stooping and sore knees that arise from kneeling on the ground.

You get to protect your clothing from grass stains and dirt while kneeling in cushioned coziness. This coziness comes from having three-quarter inch foam thickness on both sides of its platform. Its legs lock-in securely, giving you safety, ideal should you suffer from arthritis.

Its extended arms will ease getting down into and up out of your kneeling position. Once you are done with gardening for the day, this folding garden kneeler folds flat into 11 by 24.4 by 5 inches for easy storage.

Combined, these features ensure you need not suffer any longer from unnecessary back and knee pain as you go about gardening.

The Yard Butler GKS-2 Garden Kneeler and Seat (Older Model) is easily portable, lightweight, and sturdy. It weighs between 7.1 and 8.5 pounds only, yet it can easily support 250 pounds.

Its full function dimensions measure 11 by 24.5 by 16.6 inches, and when folded for transport and storage,it measures 11 by 24.4 by 5 inches.

The TheYard Butler GKS-2 Garden Kneeler and Seat (Older Model) is actually two products in one. Turning it over allows you to sit at just about the right height for gardening and numerous other household chores.

  • This garden kneeler seat opens, closes easily, and is portable.
  • Works for everyone and not just the elderly or those with physical challenges
  • Works anywhere that requires kneeling, such as truck tire cleaning, home chores, and not just gardening 
  • Some machine oil is needed on the hinged parts to ease locking, folding, and unfolding.
  • Poor usage may lead to foam cushion coming off. 
  • It is designed for the average height person, taller people may face challenges. 

2. Abco Tech garden kneeler seat and tool storage

With this garden kneeler and seat,a hurting back, palms, and knees,as you potter about your garden, become forgotten memories.

 It helps in prevention of cloth staining, and is an excellent aid for those who struggle as they kneel or rise from a kneeling position.This garden kneeler and seat will let you go about your gardening chores in comfort.

This way, you will spend long hours without suffering stress associated with gardening movements.

Lovable Features of the Abco Tech garden kneeler seat and tool storage

This garden kneeler with handles has soft padding made of foam that brings enormous comfort to your working knees.

The padding stops any discomfort that occurs as you work on coarse soil, bushes, and dry grass blades on your garden.

Its handles are an excellent source of support as you kneel down or rise up from your gardening or other household chores.This feature is particularly critical if you are afflicted with back and knee maladies or complications associated with old age.

This garden seat kneeler is strong but not bulky. It is fabulously lightweight and relatively easy to carry around as you move from one chore to another.In addition, it will not put a strain on your hands as you do so.

This step2 garden kneeler seat will also protect your clothing against dirt, dust, and grass stains as you go about your gardening.For convenience in carrying around your gardening tools, this garden seat kneeler has a tool pouch.

You can also use it as a seat. Gardening can be a tedious undertaking and you could use some breaks. This garden seat transforms easily into a seat, letting you enjoy your breaks in comfort while seated.

This garden seat weighs 6.7 pounds and measures 24 by 9.5 by 5.6 inches in dimensions. It folds flat effortlessly, which makes it easy to carry around.Its strong metallic frame ensures a long life and practical durability.

This garden seat is great for easing gardening or other chores, especially for those who have undergone spine surgery. It is light, sturdy, and works well in between plant rows. It is also easy to clean and store.


  • It is easy to set up, assemble, and fold. 
  • Pouch proves hardy for bug spray and gardening tools 


  • The padding could have been thicker to take on more weight at the knees. 
  • Failure to follow instruction manual may lead to accidents. 

3. Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat- best garden kneeling bench with handles 

This garden joy kneeler from Ohuhu assists in the creation of a sunshine filled and aches free experience as you tend to your mini herbs and freshly bloomed flowers in your garden.

 The garden kneeler pad has traits that include a thick cushion, designed specifically to remove gardening work related strain from your knees. It is also elevated, which means your designer jeans remain well away from the jumble of grass and mud.

Endearing Features of Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat

The two handles that frame this ohuhu garden kneeler will give you an extra pair of hands to allow you push yourself up easily from a kneeling position.

Its elevated kneeling pad helps in doing away with aches associated with prolonged kneeling, while keeping your knees free from a muddy ground or wet grass.

You get two in one functions since this kneeling pad flips over to become a garden chair. This will enable you tend to bigger shrubs and long stemmed plants in complete comfort. It will also take up to 330.69 pounds of your weight with ease.

It lands on your doorstep assembled and will open or close in a snap. This gives you excellent convenience as you carry it around your garden.This ohuhu garden kneeler is made of a steel frame reinforced with EVA. This gives it toughness against normal gardening mishaps and sturdiness while it remains lightweight enough to lift and carry around your garden.

It comes with two gardening tool pouches that you can attach to your gardening kneeler seat with Velcro.This way, your light spades, pullers, and clippers will be right by your side.

Physical Features

Once it lands on your doorstep, the package will include one garden kneeler seat, two tool pouches, and an instruction manual.The ohuhu garden kneeler package weighs 6.75 pounds and measures 24.2 by 11.3 by 5.6 inches in dimensions.

When folded, this garden kneeler measures 23.63 by 10.63 by 5.32 inches while unfolded, it measures 22.83 by 11.02 by 19.29 inches in dimension.This step2 garden kneeler is green in color, made of steel pipe, EVA, and plastic, and will weigh 5.73 pounds as you carry it around your garden.

This ohuhu garden kneeler makes a thoughtful gift for someone who loves gardening but is afflicted with a weak back and aching knees.

  • Added functions include indoor usage such as cleaning or easing access to lower cupboards. 
  • Collapses easily into a small size that hangs on a wall or garage. 
  • Pouch pockets are long and narrow fitting a small range of tools. 
  • Rails are painted unprotected metal with paint starting to peel off at first use.

4. SONGMICS UGGK49L folding garden kneeler seat

Your knees will cope well when you are young. However, as you head towards your more mature years, taking good care of your knees does a lot in keeping injury and pain at bay.

This is particularly important if you like to potter round and about your garden, dealing with dreaded weed and digging your flowerbeds.

The SONGMICS Garden Kneeler Seat with Upgraded Large Tool Pouch and Soft Kneeling Pad Foldable Stool UGGK49L is an excellent tool to have around to ease your gardening related aches and pains.

Its side handrails make getting up from and getting down onto your knees much easier through providing sturdy support. Its soft cushion reduces fatigue and pressure on your lower back and knees.

Its low on the ground design will protect your designer clothing from wet grass stains and dirt.

This top choice amazon garden kneeler has a dual-function versatile design that lets you use it as a bench, on which to undertake your chores, and when flipped over, to use as a comfortable kneeler as your potter about your garden.

This step 2 garden kneeler will give you easy transporting convenience as you fold it and carry its 6.5 pounds weight around your garden.It opens and closes easily and does not take up much room.

The garden kneeler seat has passed various tests in holding big loads. As such, it will take up to 330.69 pounds of your weight with ease.

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Your will get a bonus in the form of a large pool pouch.This handy pouch has four pockets, measures 12.6 by 12.6 inches, is made of 600D polyester fabric, all giving you ready convenience as you manage your garden tools and seeds.

Physical Features of SONGMICS UGGK49L folding garden kneeler seat

This amazon garden kneeler top choice is made of steel tubing, plastic, and EVA foam. Its pouch is made of 600D Polyester fabric. It weighs 6.5 pounds and is stain resistant.

When folded, this garden kneeler bench measures 22.78 by 10.58 by 4.78 inches and when unfolded, it measures 24.38 by 10.78 by 19.18 inches in dimensions.

The package, on landing at your doorstep, will contain a garden kneeler seat, a tool pouch, and an instruction manual.This gardening kneeler seat is sturdy but not too heavy to carry around. It folds easily into a compact package and unfolds just as easily.

  • Excellent multi-function features as a kneeler, workbench, and seat. 
  • It has attractive features and therefore forms an excellent gift. 
  • There are some complaints of the rubber being hard rather than soft. 
  • It can be wobbly if not well opened.

5. Walter Drake Supportive  Garden Seat – heavy-duty foldable garden kneeler/bench

This deep seat garden kneeler will ease the pressure associated with being on your knees. In addition, it will give you protection against bark, gravel, and twigs that would dig into your knees.

It will also save your lower back from strain that goes with kneeling constantly.

Loveable Features of Walter Drake Supportive  Garden Seat

The Walter Drake Supportive Folding Garden Seat and Kneeler comes with an extra deep seat that is covered with thicker and comfier foam on both of its sides.

This gives you total comfort as you seat or kneel.

This heavy duty garden kneeler seat and bench will easily support up to 275 pounds and you can fold it up easily once you are done with your chores. It features wide and non-slip corner grips. These prevent the kneeler bench from sinking into grass, a rare feature among garden kneeler seats.

It has hardy handles that will help you stand up too.The Walter Drake Supportive Folding Garden Seat and Kneeler is green in color and measures 21 by 10 by 16.5 inches in dimensions, which folds to 4 inches in width.

It is made of a steel sturdy frame that supports up to 275 pounds.The Walter Drake Supportive Folding Garden Seat and Kneeler is a well-constructed product that will be a lifesaver to your knees and back as you prune, weed, and plant.

The garden kneeler lowes eight white nylon bumpers appearing on top and bottom of its seat have been enlarged and therefore provide more stability.The earlier rounded corners tended to roll creating some discomfort.

  • Functions well, away from the garden, in tub cleaning, attacking corner grime, and cleaning lower refrigerator shelves. 
  • Its foam seat is attached to the bench therefore, it will not blow off. 
  • When rising from kneeling to standing, hold handle at the center, not front, to avoid tipping forward. 
  • An extra padding or towel may be required for overly sensitive knees.

​What to look for in a  Garden Kneeler

Prior to venturing out in search of a garden kneeler, certain traits need careful consideration and we have explained them here.

Look for water resistance in a folding garden kneeler seat. This will prevent soiling of this gardening equipment while increasing the service life it will give you. In addition, should you intend to use the kneeler seat for long periods at a time, pick one that will give you moisture wicking functions.

Pick an easy to clean ensemble whose water resistance will enhance durability. To allow easy movement, pick one that folds and assembles easily.

Insist on natural rubber-based padding material because these retain elasticity for much longer periods. Other forms of padding material tend towards deformity over time and therefore pose a bigger danger to your knees with time.

The thicker the material is,the more comfort it will give you when you kneel on rough terrain since more thickness does away with uncomfortable pressure points. Ensure you get the correct width to ensure a comfortable kneeling position.

Above are five excellent garden kneeler models that best exemplify these positive features, you can also read our recommended gardeners seat on wheels.

Best rated lawn sprinklers

Best rated lawn sprinklers for low water pressure

​Highly rated lawn sprinklers for low water pressure

Best rated lawn sprinklers

So, how do you keep your lawn lush green without wasting a drop of water? Simple! Just get yourself one of the best lawn sprinkler for low water pressure.

And since your water bills will come down, each drop saved equals more money in your pockets.

Not bad. Or is it?Table of content​Highly rated lawn sprinklers for low water pressureTypes of lawn sprinklers​Low pressure sprinkler Reviews 20181. Spot Sprinkler- ​best rated lawn sprinklers2. Gilmour Rectangular Pattern Spot Sprinkler- low pressure pop up sprinkler heads3.Rain Bird P5R Plastic Impact – most water efficient sprinkler heads4. Dramm 15075 ColorStorm Spinning – high efficiency sprinkler headsFactors to consider when buying the best lawn sprinkler for low water pressure

Types of lawn sprinklers

Before we check out some of the sprinkler heads for low water pressure, let’s briefly look at some common types of lawn sprinklers.

  • Rotor heads

These are awesome in larger areas such as lawns or spacious commercial parks. They produce water in a solid continuous stream.

  • Spray Sprinkler Systems

These are mostly used in medium spaces, though they can work in smaller areas such as vegetable patches and flower beds.

  • Standing or Spike Sprinklers

This type is mounted on tripods or on a spike driven into the floor. They cover a larger area of lawn and hence provide excellent coverage.

  • Oscillating Sprinklers

Working by distributing water via individual jets, these provide even watering to small and medium-sized garden plots.

Their pulse or spray patterns are adjustable

  • Drip Systems

These have tubes or hoses with small holes which allow water to directly drip into the soil.

They provide controlled water coverage evenly. And, you can cover them so that they don’t mess the looks of your garden.

  • Travelling Sprinkler

These are self-propelled and move along your hose’s path.  They are superb for watering large areas.

​Low pressure sprinkler Reviews 2018

Now, we scoured the markets- offline and online- for the highly rated lawn sprinkler for low water pressure

These are our candidates.

1. Spot Sprinkler– ​best rated lawn sprinklers

A major reason for shunning high-pressure sprinklers is because they struggle to irrigate when water pressure drops for whatever reason.

But low pressure irrigators like this spot sprinkler for small and medium watering consistently continue watering even when pressure drops.

In addition, this water sprinkler covers an impressive 30” radius and is guarantees longer service thanks to its heavy duty metal construction.

With a premium heavy duty construction and ability to continue pouring even in the lowest water pressure; this popular lawn sprinkler system offers a longer, and a reliable service.

Your lawns will have a caretaker who they can truly trust.


  • Beautiful finishing
  • Works superbly
  • Very compact 


  • So light it may flip sideways when irrigating

2. Gilmour Rectangular Pattern Spot Sprinkler- low pressure pop up sprinkler heads

If yours is a small lawn, and you want to achieve uniform growth throughout the garden, then you may consider a sprinkler with a fountain-like spray.

That is exactly how this Gilmour rectangular pattern spot sprinkler is. With a fountain-like spray, it saves water while constantly showering targeted spots.

The end result is a well-fed lush green lawn.

It’s more durable and works very well in spot-watering small areas

This rectangular fountain-spray low-pressure sprinkler dazzles with its superior performance in watering a small rectangular area.

You won’t find many irrigators this effective in thoroughly and evenly moistening your soil.


  • Durable metal construction
  • It’s adjustable.
  • List Element


  • Only covers a small range 

3.Rain Bird P5R Plastic Impact – most water efficient sprinkler heads

This can be adjusted to rotate slower so that you can achieve the ​highest possible coverage. Boosting the uniform coverage further is the diffuser screw which creates smaller water droplets

And its stream will never splash sideways or on walkways thanks to the user friendly spray guide arm.

Lastly, you don’t have to worry about using it in dirty conditions as it has a removable bayonet nozzle which provides an easier cleaning route.

Featuring great functions such as an adjustable rotation, spray guide arm (for stream control) and a removable bayonet nozzle (simplifies cleaning), this Straight-through-flow sprinkler delivers excellent moistening even in extremely dirty water conditions

It’s one of those sprinklers that quietly do their job.


  • You can increase its range
  •  No side splashing 


  • The rotation feature tends to misbehave at times

4. Dramm 15075 ColorStorm Spinning – high efficiency sprinkler heads

What about when you are watering from well systems? You definitely need a sprinkler that can work even with the very low water pressure from wells.

Working with lowly water pressure- from as low as 20 PSI-, the dram colorstorm spinning sprinkler is one of the very ​top notch sprinklers for well systems.

It even has a better base plus if you want to store it, you will find its molded storage hook very convenient.

This spinning sprinkler works nicely with extremely low-pressure areas such as wells. It also has a better stability base and a convenient molded hook for storage

With this, low-pressure will never again be an issue!


  • Beautiful spray pattern
  • Works with extremely low water pressure
  • Color variety: red, orange etc. 


  • Won’t work at higher water pressure
  • Doesn’t perform well in rectangular lawns 

Let’s look at a few of the outstanding benefits of the lawn sprinkler heads for low water pressure.

·         Monetary advantage

Since they use less water than their high-pressure competition, you will gradually see a drop in your water bills.

Such savings are very welcome in these challenging economic times.

·         Lawn Health

Since they deliver water slowly to your soil, these high efficiency sprinkler heads neither cause erosion nor damage your soil structure.

Remember aerating your lawn plays a huge role to having a healthy lawn.

Drawbacks of ​low pressure sprinklers.

  • The downside is that these systems may not deliver if yours is a large garden.

Factors to consider when buying the lawn sprinkler for low water pressure

Here are the key considerations when choosing the sprinkler heads for low water pressure

  • 1. Water Pressure

For efficient watering, you don’t want too low water pressure.  Then, consistent pressure guarantees that all your grass will grow uniformly.

  • 2. Affordability

Some are highly affordable and I would pick them anytime provided they don’t compromise on performance.

  • 3. Size and shape of your lawn

Some are created to irrigate smaller lawns while others are for larger spaces. So, compare your lawn size versus your irrigator of choice.

  • 4. Durability

To give service for long, it needs to be well constructed and sturdy.

  • 5. Does it operate quietly?

Rather adding more noise to your neighborhood with a noise low-pressure sprinkler, why not pick one that operates quietly too?

  • 6. Overall design

Some sprinklers have soft ergonomic and adjustable controls.

Wrapping up

The top 4 lawn sprinkler for low water pressure  above will save you from astronomical water bills by economizing on water usage.

And despite this, your neighbors will still turn green with envy seeing how healthy and lush green your lawn has grown even on steep hills.

Well, you now know most of what matters regarding these most water efficient sprinkler heads.

So, will you still continue complaining about water wastage and high bills when you could solve that problem permanently?

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heat mat for plants

Heating mats for seed germination reviews 2018

​Heat mat for plants

heat mat for plants

Heating mats for seed germination have become a necessity for the modern day farmer. And this is with good reasons.

A good heat mat will speed the rate of seed germination thus reducing time, stimulate root growth and also increase the total output of the seedling germination overall  increasing productivity.

The other major advantage of using seed heat mats while germinating your seeds is that, you can germinate your seeds during winter or germinate them indoors. This is an important attribute to consider especially for indoor farmers that want to grow their herbs and vegetables throughout the year.

There are many different types of seed heat mats in the market today and generally they are quite affordable, more so when you consider the cost vis a vis the benefits.

If you are an hands on person and don’t mind doing the work, then you can also easily construct your own heat mat.

Have a look at this video and be the judge.

​Nevertheless if you want to concentrate on your core objective i.e farming then check out our review on the ​top rated heat mats for seed germination.Table of content​Heat mat for plants​Heating mats for seed germination reviews 20181. Jump Start CK640502. VIVOSUN Durable Waterproof Heat Mat Warm Pad3. Super Sprouter Premium Greenhouse Propagation Kit4. Garden Smart Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat with a Digital Thermostat

​Heating mats for seed germination reviews 2018

1. Jump Start CK64050

As the name suggests, this germination station comes with a heat mat, thus one price for two, to the benefit of the consumer. 

The one thing I like about the jump start CK64050, is that not only does it give you full control of successful germination of your seeds, it’s also not expensive to operate. This is because it has low wattage of 17 watts thus the impact on the electricity bill is negligible.

The germination station has a water tight tray with 2″ humidity dome while its heat mat is ‘UL listed and is water proof.

If the other winter greenhouse heating solutions are failing your seedlings, this greenhouse germination station could be the one to make a difference.It has one of the ​highest rated heat mats in the market, a tray and a convenient 2” dome.It’s good not only for heating but also humidity control

With it, you have more than a fair chance of growing and sustaining your garden.Here you get a waterproof heat mat, a 2″ humidity dome, a watertight base tray, and a 72-cell seedling insert. It offers a comprehensive solution to your greenhouse planting and heating efforts.


  • The product also comprises of a dome and water tray that has holes for easy drainage.
  • It has an even heat distribution thus even germination rate for the seeds.
  • It’s good for both indoors and out door since the cover protects the seedling from external elements.
  • It is easy to set up and has an instructions and growing tips manual.


  • It does not include a lighting system. Thus one will need to buy a grow light if you intend to use it indoors where there is no light.
  • The covers are also a bit flimsy so a little care is needed when handling it.

2. VIVOSUN Durable Waterproof Heat Mat Warm Pad

Yet another of efficient greenhouse heating methods,this performs exceptionally well in holding the temperature at a level conducive for plant growth.

It’s strengthened with an alloy nikrothal heating cable and an extra film insulation to ensure that it won’t scorch your roots.

It also produces revitalizing dew which goes a long way to help crops grow in a humid environment.

This is one of the few 5-star rated greenhouse heating pads.

It manages to consistently maintain temperatures at approximately 10℉-20℉ above the existing air temperature- perfect for germination!


  • Water resistant and Convenient long power cord
  • Heats evenly and has an energy efficient design
  • Good quality


  • Doesn’t come with a thermostat

3. Super Sprouter Premium Greenhouse Propagation Kit

The Super Sprouter Premium Heated Kit is an all-in-one greenhouse heating set with a grow light and heating mat.

It’s known to produce immediate results.

So, your seeds or cuttings will warmly embrace growth as they enjoy tender care from the combination of the grow light and the heat mat.

An effective all-in-one greenhouse growing kit, this Super Sprouter Premium Heated Kit makes your seeds to quickly shoot up and thrive.

The heating mat combines very well with the grow light to ensure your plants survive unscathed.

4. Garden Smart Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat with a Digital Thermostat

Featuring a digital temperature thermostat, this allows you to set the optimum temperatures for each crop.

And it will then maintain these temperatures till your seedlings attain desired growth.

It has a durable construction, its waterproof and can work almost everywhere- greenhouses, indoor gardens, and nurseries.

The Garden Smart seedling heat mat specifically targets the root area and does an excellent job of ensuring proper germination

Its digital thermostat allows you to set and maintain the ideal temperature for each plant.


  • Waterproof
  • Versatile- you can use it almost anywhere
  • Warms evenly


  • The thermostat LED screen a bit small

Wrapping up

To germinate well, your plant roots must also be warmed. ​​Greenhouse heating mats also known as heating pads- are a cheaper and a more convenient option as they specifically target the roots.

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Highest rated riding lawn mower

Highest rated riding lawn mower for hills

​Best garden tractor for hills

Highest rated riding lawn mower

If you have trouble walking or pushing a lawn mower, or you mow large areas, then you should try the highest rated riding lawn mower.

The ​ riding lawn mower for hills are purposely created for large lawns – from half an acre going upwards and produce impeccable results.

Yes, they may cost top dollar but the results fully justify the investment.

In this post, I will be talking about these remarkable garden tools in details. I will also be showing you why they could be the answer to your yard beautification woes.

But first, a brief review of our top nominees for the best riding lawn mower for hills crown….

​Product Name
​Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch Premium​Raven MPV7100 Hybrid Riding LawnmowerPoulan Pro P46ZX BriggsHusqvarna 960450057 GTH52XLSPoulan Pro 960420182 Briggs
Attributes382cc engine, 30-Inch deck, 18-inch turning radius​Power Generator and Utility Vehicle, Red/Black22 HP engine, Zero Turn, 46-Inch Cutting Deck24V Hydro Pedal, 52-inch cutting deck, fender mounted deck lever, Ergonomic design15.5 hp engine, Auto Hydrostatic Transmission , 42-Inch Cutting Deck
PriceCheck Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price 

Table of content​Best garden tractor for hills​Riding lawn mower for hills reviews1. Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch Premium-2. ​Raven MPV7100 Hybrid Riding Lawnmower- ​3. ​​​ Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck, 46-Inch-​4. ​Husqvarna 960450057 GTH52XLS 24V-5. Poulan Pro 960420182 Briggs-​6.Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower, 61-Inch-Features of Highest rated riding lawn mowers Disadvantages of riding lawn mowers​Factors To Consider When Buying ​riding lawn mower for hills

​Riding lawn mower for hills reviews

1. Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch Premium-

best riding lawn mower for the money

With a powerful 382cc engine and reaching top speeds of up to 4.25 MPH, this gets the job dusted within the first round.

It has an imposing 6-speed transmission plus a 30-Inch adjustable cutting deck so you are sure of beautiful cutting, any time you call on it.

Remember it has a manual power take-off so engaging the blade is quick and easy.

By and large, this is one of the premier neighborhood riding mower perfect for medium sized lawns and even terrains.

The 30-inch cutting deck and the mighty 382cc makes the Troy-Bilt Riding Lawn Mower makes this highly reputable riding mower a top choice for medium and relatively even terrain lawns.

It provides a clean performance and is built to last for as long as your lawn needs it.

This tractor will give you a golf course quality lawn, even if your tuft is the crab-grass type and it has traits of the perfect riding lawn mower for home use.

These traits include mowing closer to your house better than any push mower.Its thirty-inch cutting deck combines the benefits of a wide cut size a push mower gives with standard ridden lawn mower advantages.

Lovable physical features include a forged steel crankshaft giving it strength and durability compared to cast iron. It has 1.3-gallon tank capacity and a fuel sight window allowing gasoline level checks.

You will get a powerful Troy-Bilt OHV engine with a six-speed transmission and a forward top speed of 4.25 mph. This is with easy and fast five-height adjustable blade management through manual power take-off.

During storage, this tractor will occupy 64 by 34 by 26 inches of your garage and weigh 340 pounds.

  • ​It is ideal if you are a standard landowner with a relatively even terrain, on a medium sized landscape.
  • ​This idealness rests on its 16 by 6.5 inch rear wheels and 13 by 5 front wheels that afford an eighteen-inch turning radius.
  • ​Enhanced comfort comes from a thirteen-inch soft grip steering wheel and a seat raising to your mid-back.
  • ​A downside is the seat that has one mediocre spring rather than two heavy-duty springs.

2. ​Raven MPV7100 Hybrid Riding Lawnmower- 

​best value riding mower

This multi-purpose vehicle is a golf cart-like lawnmower that brings three-in-one capabilities to your lawn maintenance.

The tractor converts from mower, to generator, to multi-purpose vehicle, and back to mower in seconds, giving it the needed electric riding lawn mower traits.

Tow supplies to the worksite through its 550-pound towing capacity. Its 46-inch fabricated deck is removable and designed for boosted vacuuming, mulching, and discharging.

Charges the batteries and power its outlets and blades with its 7100-watt generator.

Its 14-inch turning radius eases maneuver past tight turns and it promises 17 miles per hour in either electric or gas mode. A 420-cc gasoline Raven engine powers both the onboard generator and the machine.

It comes with front off-road style suspension and shocks that create a seriously fun workhorse to work with.It has a choke, a looped wire located back left of your motor.

It will take 85 by 44 by 50 inches of storage space and weighs 870 pounds, all making this tractor the top notch residential riding lawn mower.

  • ​It will catch a few stares when other people see it for the first time.
  • ​You cut grass with a small turning radius.
  • ​It reaches your door assembled but you need to put on the rear bumper and steering wheel.

​3. ​​​ Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck, 46-Inch-

Highly rated riding lawn mower

This lawn-mowing tractor does away with most trimming around your yard because it comes with maneuverability and control that lets you get close to objects.

This means little time spent with a trimmer or push mower to obtain a clean look.

Its zero turn traits allow maneuvering around numerous obstacles, making it  feature highly among the zero turn riding lawn mowers.

This tractor attains a 6 mph top speed and its 3.5-gallon fuel capacity lets it cut 2.4 acres per hour. It comes with three anti-scalp rollers, a digital hour meter, and two easy to operate levers whose hand grips come padded in foam.

The tractor consists of a robust 46-inch steel deck and two blades with an adjustable cutting height that rises in half-inch increments from 1.5 to 4 inches.

It is a dual hydro-gear drive system and a 22 horsepower professional series engine from Briggs and Stratton powers everything, placing it among the ​top home riding lawn mower tractors.

The tractor consists of a robust 46-inch steel deck and two blades with an adjustable cutting height that rises in half-inch increments from 1.5 to 4 inches.

It is a dual hydro-gear drive system and a 22 horsepower professional series engine from Briggs and Stratton powers everything, placing it among the ​top home riding lawn mower tractors.

  • ​Its optional utilities include a rain cover and mulching, armrest, and headlight kits.
  • ​It is fast and cuts rather well, giving a neat-brushed look to your lawn tuft, especially when you have to mow at angles.
  • ​It is a base model intended for homeowner applications rather than commercial usage.

​4. ​Husqvarna 960450057 GTH52XLS 24V-

best riding lawn mower for steep hills

If you are looking for a heavy-duty mowing tractor for your yard work on steeply or hilly terrain, then this is an excellent choice.

It is among the highly rated rear engine riding lawn mower tractors you can get.

This tractor mows at top speed uphill, easily pulls a trailer load uphill, and its rear wheels lock into a grip like crazy.

Your throne is an ergonomically designed high back adjustable seat with armrests giving you easy access to a comfortable grip steering wheel.

It will take 73 by 58.5 by 48 inches of your storage space and weighs 815 pounds.

For the  riding lawn mower for steep hills, this is a top contender.

  • ​To engage the cutting blades electrically, all you need to do is pull a switch.
  • ​It has a convenient fender mounted deck lever, one that is spring assisted to enable easy operation.
  • ​It does not have a likable fuel gauge system making it difficult to see the fuel level though this is not a major issue.

5. Poulan Pro 960420182 Briggs-

best riding lawn mower for hills under $2000

With this tractor, you can mulch or bag grass from your lawn using it optional attachments.

Its 42-inch vented and reinforced deck draws for air through the top deck, which assists in keeping airflow movement under your deck while doing longer grass.

Its auto hydrostatic transmission eases speed adjustments. A fender mounted motion lever lets you increase ground speed, pull back towards neutral, and slow down.

You get six cutting adjustable positions from the cutting deck. This lets you match existing yard conditions and the preferred grass length.

You get level cutting, even on rough terrain, while cutting close to obstacles, such as trees. This means you have less trimming to worry about.

These features come from an oscillating front axle with a six-inch turning radius and a floating deck.

The machine attains top performance and durability powered by 155 horsepower overhead valve, single cylinder engine from Briggs and Stratton.

Its easy to service air filter gives it cleaner and cooler operations while delivering enhanced power when required in whichever terrain you put it to work.

The tractor weighs 465 pounds with 72.8 by 45 by 34.5 inches in dimensions.​

  • ​You can mow in reverse by simply moving back one turn on your ignition switch.
  • ​You will not have to stop to change speed, saving time.
  • ​If you fail to turn a switch while reversing, it will go dead.

6.Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower, 61-Inch

best riding lawn mower for home use

This tractor promises to take comfort, performance, and productivity in lawn mowing to an entirely new level.

Preside over the whole performance from a high back seat with armrests and ergonomic steering levers you can adjust.

It is capable of mulching and collecting through its 61-inch fabricated and rugged steel cutting deck.

With its commercially rated hydraulic system, heavy-duty steel frame, and intuitive operator interface, rest assured of an ultimate lawn mowing experience.

Its three blade cutting system lifts from a pedal assisted cutting deck. It has a hydrostatic gear transmission, powered by a 27 horsepower endurance V-Twin engine from Briggs and Stratton.

It works great on relatively flat areas. Uphill mowing is all right but you will slide downhill due to weight shift, leading to little directional control.

It occupies a 75.5 by 76 by 42-inch space and weighs 770 pounds. Remember to spray deck underside with anti-stick coating before use to ease cleaning.

  • ​It lacks hose washout connectors and it is hard to get below the middle blade area with a hose.

​Requisite Features of the Highest rated riding lawn mowers 

These offer real quality. See for yourself.


Attachments are the major difference between riding mowers and push mowers.

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Push mowers are just cut the grass but riding mowers can be made multiple-purpose by adding the right attachments.

Hence, you can use them to spread fertilizer, grass seed, break up land, lawn aeration or as a snowplow!

Excellent with people who have health issues

Riding mowers are comfortable when you are living with health issues. Also when you can’t stand or push it for long.

Easy key starts

Riding lawn mowers have easier key starts instead of a pull cord. This is very convenient


Sun shades are available in case you react to sun exposure.

Spare parts are readily available

It is easier to find spare parts for this class of mowers compared with push mowers.

​Mowing expansive lawns

Because of the special features like the use of attachments and being electric, Riding mowers deliver better results when mowing a large area.

Cuts with ease and precision

If you will be cutting around trees or shrubs and you want highest precision and ease, the zero-turn riding mower is the most dependable

Disadvantages of riding lawn mowers

Here now comes the dark side of riding mowers.


They cost much more than ordinary push mowers

Zero turning mower vs. the tractor type Riding mowers

In choosing, you will have to choose between zero turning and tractor type mowers.

Zero turning (z-turn) radius mowers

Zero-turn mowers have 2 handles for control. In making sharp turns, their turning radius is effectively zero and they reverse without missing a single blade of grass.

They drive faster and cut around tree and shrubs excellently.

Tractor type

Garden tractors have 2 steering front wheels, so most people find them familiar to use.

Once they reach the end of a swath of grass, they have to turn to mow in the remaining direction.

They inevitably leave patches of unattended grass around obstacles

​Factors To Consider When Buying ​riding lawn mower for hills

To make your search less tedious when looking for the riding lawn mower that will give you value for your moneybe sure to check out the following features.

Quality of work

You would want a mower that guarantees a clean cut. Evaluate its performance before committing.


How much do you plan to spend? The pricing oscillates wildly.

For instance, if you are looking for ​a riding lawn mower under 1000, you will get a number of options.

So, know your budget beforehand.


Riding mowers are utterly multi-purpose. With attachments, you can use it for countless tasks.

The more the attachments, the more useful and convenient it becomes.

Ease of use

Look for riding mowers which are easier to run and more user-friendly. Features such as cruise control improve its maneuverability.

Maintenance and cleaning

Some mowers have decks which you can tilt up without using tools. Such mowers are easier to clean and maintain.

Size of deck

The width of its deck matters. Narrower decks turn around obstacles easily and are therefore better for slopes and uneven terrain.

Lawn size and terrain

Different mowers serve different sized lawns and terrain.

Those for slopes won’t cut well on uneven or flat grounds. Those for small lawns won’t serve large areas.

So, know your terrain and size of lawn.

And the Champion is…

The Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood ​

best riding mower for steep hills

While not the widest, its 30-inch cutting deck won us over because the 18-Inch turning radius enables it to make sharper turns more easily- making it a very good mower for grounds teeming with obstacles and full of tight corners.

In any case, a 30” blade is considered, if you are to successfully negotiate through narrow gates and between closely spaced flowers.

Then, it’s easier to store as this size easily fits into standard garages and sheds.

Another huge attraction was the larger rear wheels (16×6.5-inch) which helps the tractor to maintain a good inclination making it easy to steer not just in condensed spaces but also in reverse.

Finally, its 1.3 gallon fuel tank can mow a large swathe without requiring refilling (some users have reported mowing more than ¼) and ​that you can track remaining gas through the fuel sight window.

Yes, the seat doesn’t move back beyond the middle point and could be a little uncomfortable for taller people as compared with the Raven MPV7100 Hybrid Riding Lawnmower

However, we feel it would be unfair to discard it just on this.

Then it’s comparatively affordable….it’s actually one of the most pocket friendly in the entire collection.

In a nutshell, this is the closest you can come to perfection in a highest rated riding lawn mower

Wrapping up

Having the highest rated riding lawn mower at home helps when you need to cut large hilly areas or you are not comfortable pushing or standing for more hours.

The thing is, go for the best riding lawn mower for hills that suits your needs.

Always go for the easiest to use and most efficient.

Whatever your budget, Options are many- tractor or zero turn.

With that, you will never regret your choices.

Also remember to water your lawn regularly…you can check our recommended lawn sprinklers for low water pressure here.

atomizer sprayer

Highly Rated Atomizers For Spraying Plants: Fog electric atomizer sprayer

Fog electric atomizer sprayers

atomizer sprayer

At some point during gardening, you will need to folia feed fertilizers to your plants or spray them against pests and diseases.

To undertake this process, a precise liquid sprayer, particularly one that applies a fine mist, becomes necessary. Your choice to accomplish this essential function must only be the best atomizer for spraying plants  the market can offer.

The right tool for this job is one that does not splash and wash all over your treasured herbs and flowers. Rather,  a good atomizer hand sprayer will be one that soothes instead of one that soaks your cherished plants.

A great atomizer hand sprayer will also serve other critical purposes. These include helping you in degreasing and cleaning delicate car parts and spraying your home and garage against roaches.

Traits to look out for include hardy nozzles, durable and damage resistant bodies, multi-purpose misting, easy adjustability, comfortable lightweight, and chemical resistant seals that prevent leaks.Table of contentFog electric atomizer sprayersAtomizers For Spraying Plants Reviews 20181. Hudson 99598 –2. B&G Sprayer 1 gallon and 9 inch wand BG20323. Solo 420 2-Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer4. Chapin 63985 4-Gallon 20-volt Wide Mouth Battery Backpack Sprayer, 5. Chapin 20000 1-Gallon Poly Lawn6. Smith Contractor 190216 2-Gallon Sprayer for Weed Killers, Herbicides, and Insecticides7. TABOR TOOLS 28. NorthStar High-Pressure ATV Tree Sprayer – 16 Gallon, 2 GPM, 12 Volt9. Greenwood 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer 10. ​Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer – 8 Gallon, 1 GPM, 12 Volt11. Master Gardener Rechargeable Cart Sprayer – 12 Volt, 9-Gallon Capacity-12. ​Gilmour Cleaning Sprayer Foamaster II Multi-ratio 895064-1001-13. ​NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer – 21 Gallon, 2.2 GPM, 12 Volt DC14. Pump Pressure Water Sprayers15. Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Labels (2 Pack) – atomizer hand sprayer

Atomizers For Spraying Plants Reviews 2018

1. Hudson 99598 – Fog Electric Atomizer Sprayer

Check Price on Amazon

This electric atomizer sprayer has designs that allow you to spray wide ranging foliar feed products. In addition, it gives you a tool to control just as wide a range of pests and diseases among plants in your backyard garden.

Simply carry it around, point to the bushes or plants, and fire away.

The fog electric atomizer sprayer has a two-gallon lightweight poly tank and is powered by an electric 110-volt engine. It comes with a strap to carry it around.

To direct your folia feed or chemical mist, it has a long commercial grade coiled hose.It outputs between 22 and 46 micron sized particles at a speed of 20-micronsized droplets per second.

You can adjust your mist output to between 1.5 and 14 gallons per hour while its shoot range is 13.5 feet.The garden atomizer sprayer measures 16 by 16 by 16 inches and weighs 10.99 pounds.

With these features, a plant misting assignment that would take about four hours with a spray bottle, takes about twenty minutes with this fog electric atomizer sprayer.

This fog electric atomizer sprayer is a wonderfully practical piece of equipment for pesticide spraying or folia fertilizing plants on a backyard garden.

  • Works well in fog spraying big plants, trees, or shrubs.
  • Works well in spraying homes against roaches. 
  • Its power cord is short. You may need an extension cable. 
  • Its full two-gallon load is heavy to carry around although you could load lighter loads per session. 

2. B&G Sprayer 1 gallon and 9 inch wand BG2032

Application: Hand held professional pest controller working tool.

Effectiveness:Long lasting working life.

Price: Middle range compared to nearest competitors.

Ease of Application: Comes from several spraying pattern options.

Spraying options make this product among the top hand held garden sprayer include fine mist, fan spray, fine pin stream, and crevice and crack options. With these options, you will be able to easily control how you hit your target.

A one gallon tank size gives enough chemical capacity without too much weight to hand carry around your garden. A 48 inch hose length lets you reach further from any position while a 9 inch ward length gives you more power for each pump handle thrust compared to its nearest competitors.

It will take 16.6 by 8.4 by 8.2 inches of your working space and weigh 7.68 pounds when empty.

  • ​Long lasting qualities due to stainless steel tank casing, and brass and metal major components.
  • ​A high 50 psi pressure capacity.
  • ​You need to pump it to obtain spraying pressure.
  • ​You need hand carrying, pumping, and target spraying coordination dexterity. 

3. Solo 420 2-Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer

Application: Indoors or outdoors spraying, weed control, car cleaning, fertilization, and gardening.

Effectiveness: Small jobs in and around your home.

Price: Top tier among its peers.

Ease of Application: Its features such as a unique drip and drift guard providing precise spot spray treatment.

You are getting a high efficiency piston pump whose telescoping wand is adjustable within the 12 to 24 inch range. This will make ground level spraying without bending over much easier.

You will be able to lock its trigger for less fatigue on your hands while multi-directional nozzle will let you spray from any direction. Furthermore, its seals are harsh chemical resistant giving your longer service.

It is a lightweight 1 pound when empty, one hand pressure sprayer measuring 15 by 19 by 11 inches in working area dimensions all which are conditions making it one of the  highly  recommended hand held sprayer products in the market.

  • ​Nozzle comes with adjustable extension wand with nozzle angle adjustable too.
  • Delivers contents in a very fine atomized and even spray at a constant pressure, critical for precise jobs such as waterproofing a boat.
  • ​Even mist delivery is guaranteed for large areas, rare in hand pumps

  • ​May continue to spray even when its trigger is not depressed.
  • ​Your hands may tire if you have a large area to spray. 

4. Chapin 63985 4-Gallon 20-volt Wide Mouth Battery Backpack Sprayer, 

Application: Weed taming, pest control, folia feeding.

Effectiveness:105 minutes of continuous backpack spraying.

Price:Top of the range among nearest competitors.

Ease of Application: No hand pumping required making it a top  battery powered backpack sprayer.

An electric pump makes it quiet with no undue vibrations. You will finish you assignments faster compared to manual pumps meaning it is on your back for a shorter period like other great battery powered garden sprayers.

Its wide mouth lets you easily and directly add chemicals into your tank without spilling everywhere. It also makes much easier to fill with a hose. The battery lasts long enough to discharge up to fifty gallons.

You get a battery charger, it measures 14.8 by 8.8 by 22 inches and weighs 10.5 pounds when empty.

  • ​Pump maintains constant pressure meaning spraying does not stop or slow you down, with battery kicking on/off as you use.
  • ​Fabrication material for seals, wand, sprayer, and tank is excellent for a longer working life.
  • You get several spray nozzles with the unit giving you a wide range of applications.
  • Easily replaceable standard Black and Decker battery.
  • ​Complaints arise about straps being poorly padded and thin compared to similar pumps.
  • Lack of a lockout on the ward means you must hold down the trigger throughout.
  • Short spraying wand especially for tall operators.

5. Chapin 20000 1-Gallon Poly Lawn

Application: Fertilizer application, pest control, weed control, home bug disinfection.

Effectiveness: In-tank anti-clog filter enables clog free and steady spraying.

Price: Bottom among comparable pumps.

Ease of Application: Ergonomic pumping handle allows easy carrying and pumping.

The lock and release mechanism as you carry this pump around your yard is easier and smoother given the abuse it takes.

It is a beautifully made garden sprayer, easy to use, maintains excellent pressure, and gives you clear volume markings.

Three pressurization’s are all you need to empty your tank and its extendable part brass wand accessory is slightly bent at its tip. A bent tip is critical because with a slight hand turning you can spray the underside of your plant leaves.

Its fully extended wand lets you spray top branches of trees rising fifteen feet high or high ceiling corners.

It weighs 1.3 pounds when empty and takes 7.4 by 7.4 by 15 inches of your working space.

  • ​Has clog prevention filter that sifts debris in the tank creating steady, nice spray stream.
  • ​Comforting shut-off mechanism allows continuous hours of spraying
  • Tank is rust-resistant, lightweight, and translucent allowing easy fluid level confirmation.
  • ​Complaints refer to poor misting.
  • ​ 

6. Smith Contractor 190216 2-Gallon Sprayer for Weed Killers, Herbicides, and Insecticides

Application: Lawns, commercial cleaning, sanitizing, and harsh chemical application.

Effectiveness: 21 inch adjustable poly wand, long term chemical resistance, pressure release valve prevents chemical touching you.

Price:Top range among its peers.

Ease of Application: Comfortable grip, commercial grade shut-off, lock on mechanism, in-line filter, easy to clean.

Comparable pumps come with single nozzles and lack inline filters that keep dirt out. This pump comes with five nozzles and a large white filter you can easily remove for cleaning.

The yellow nozzle gives you a narrow spray excellent for limiting spraying target to a small area. This means you hit all weeds in your yard with just a gallon of spray.

The conic shaped black plastic nozzle gives you long range streams. This lets you reach the top ridge of your roof for issues such as mold treatment without risky ladder climbing.

The handle is large and gives you lots of leverage resulting in comparatively less hand fatigue.

It weighs 5 pounds and measures 22.5 by 9.5 by 10 inches all of which features form a great pump sprayer for weeds among its peers.

  • ​Lockable shut-off reduces hand fatigue.
  • ​Nickel plated brass poppet enhances precision and strength.
  • Pressure release valve lowers tank pressure before you open it, preventing accidentally dousing you in harsh chemicals.
  • ​Avoid immersion in vinegar or dish soap for long periods because these cause bottom sealing of pump mechanism to shrivel and lose sealing abilities.
  • ​You need to pump it more times to obtain optimum spraying compared to similar products. 


best 2 gallon garden sprayer

Application: Indoor and outdoor use.

Effectiveness: Compatible with most weed killers, pesticides, herbicides commercial liquid fertilizers and fungicides.

Price:Top range among its peers.

Ease of Application: Multi-functional, practical spraying wand, transparent bottle, easy filling.

Even when filled to capacity, this pump is lightweight, very important for elderly citizens or anyone with physical challenges.

This garden sprayer has a great pressure relieve valve that prevent harsh chemical blasts to the arms, hands, and face.

Its funnel top opening means no-mess re-filling while a carry strap makes moving around your yard much easier. A long hose gives you access to a bigger surface area reducing movements.

Other features that make this product among the top 2 gallon garden sprayer include its lightweight 3.45 pounds and 22 by 7.3 by 7.3 inch dimensions.

  • ​Wand gives you a better reach, allows working while standing up.
  • ​A shoulder strap makes lugging around your yard easier.
  • Comfy grip handle features shut-off valve, resting your hand while you maintain a constant spraying flow.
  • Transparent bottle gives you live fluid level visibility letting you know when to refill precisely.
  • ​This pump is unsuitable for acidic vinegar and caustic solutions.
  • Complaints arise that nozzle is not adjustable.
  • Some customers complain of a poor cone shape spray.

8. NorthStar High-Pressure ATV Tree Sprayer – 16 Gallon, 2 GPM, 12 Volt

 best garden pump sprayer for gardens

Application: Commercial grade pressure system for spraying trees to a 30 feet maximum height.

Effectiveness: Maximum system pressure rising to 200 PSI and 35 feet heavy-duty high pressure hose for extended reach.

Price:Top of the range compared to similar products.

Ease of Application: Regulator bypass valve agitates fluid ensuring even chemical dispersion throughout the liquid.

If you are looking for the top notch sprayer for your domestic or commercial spraying jobs that involve tall targets, this should be your first choice spraying pump.

It comes with a spray gun specially designed to spray trees or structures rising thirty feet.

Its unique liquid filled pressure gauge lets you control the system pressure precisely. You can monitor chemical liquid level through gallon marks and you can attach it to an ATV since it comes with straps for tying down.

It is also uniquely approved to work with RoundUp agricultural herbicides, measures 32 by 15 by 18 inches, has a 16 gallon tank size, and its hose dimensions read 0.375 by 35 inches. All these features come together to create a great garden pump sprayer for gardens that have trees and high bushes.

  • ​Comes with superior resistance to corrosive chemicals and harsh environments.
  • ​You can adjust spraying gun nozzle modes to atomized mist, cone, or stream depending on your assignment.
  • ​Requires power connection cables limiting effectiveness to cable length.

9. Greenwood 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer 

best pump sprayer for staining fence

Application: Control weeds and pets, apply sealers, apply folia feed, and plant watering.

Effectiveness: Arise from durable polyethylene fabrication, shoulder straps, and hand pumping.

Price: Average compared to similar spraying pumps.

Ease of Application: Restricted to how long you can withstand pumping, targeting, and shooting coordination.

If you work regularly on your yard and garden or if you are conducting the occasional re-modeling of your home, this four gallon backpacking spraying tank system is an easy way for fast spraying jobs.

The hand pump mechanism lets you determine how much pressure you will apply against a specific target and for how long you can work.

When empty, this backpacking spraying system weighs 8.1 pounds and will take 23.5 by 18 by 7.1 inches of your working or storage space.

These are among the features that make this spraying system a top contender pump sprayer for staining fence and other garden operations.

  • You get a four gallon tank capacity
  • ​Backpack spray tank system makes working movement easier compared to hand pumps.
  • Overflow preventing top and integrated filter prevent re-filling associated spilling and operator splashing with harsh chemicals
  • ​Complaints arise regarding cracks appearing on the plastic ward after a few months of usage resulting in risks of spraying the operator with harsh chemicals.

10. Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer – 8 Gallon, 1 GPM, 12 Volt

best garden tank spraye

Application: Small orchard or homeowner level fence line and tree spraying to a 12 feet maximum height.

Effectiveness: Compatible with virtually all types of pesticides.

Price: Bottom of the range compared to its peers.

Ease of Application: Excellent when spraying a small orchard, a few trees or roundup application along a lane.

This is another garden tank sprayer for you if you work around bushes and trees, particularly in a small orchard.

An added advantage is working with a product approved for agricultural herbicides from RoundUp.

Your spray gun nozzle gives you stream and cone spraying mode while you can shoot spraying streams up to 12 feet vertically or 20 feet horizontally.

It comes with a lightweight clear PVC 0.375 inch by 11 feet hose whose braided synthetic cord reinforcement promises durability.

With a 12 v DC power supply, it measures 22.5 by 13 by 10.5 inches with an 8 gallon tank size.

  • ​This pumping systems saves you having to fill a hand sprayer several times.
  • Chemical resistant components with 8 gallon tank resistant to ultraviolet rays and all pesticide compatibility.
  • 3.5 inch opening for easy chemical liquid refilling and easy to empty bottom drain.
  • Complaints of most pressurized connections leaking arise, more so at the ward. You may need to apply hose clamps and silicone to stop leaks.
  • Hose appears to be between 1 and 2 mm too large. 

11. Master Gardener Rechargeable Cart Sprayer – 12 Volt, 9-Gallon Capacity-

best pull behind lawn sprayer
best pull behind lawn sprayer

Application: Broadcasting or spot glyphosate compatible, fertilizer application, winter sidewalk de-icing sprayer.

Effectiveness:You can push it, pull it or attach it to UTV or tractor through an included hitching system.

Price: Top of the range compared to its peers.

Ease of Application:Cart mounting does away with backpacking or hand lugging around.

The search for the highly rated battery powered, pull behind lawn sprayer stops with this product.

It is powered by a rechargeable battery therefore no fatigue inducing hand pumping. It is mounted on a cart therefore no more tiresome backpacking or hand lugging.

With its front mounted broadcasting nozzle, you get a 50 inch spray width to cover a bigger area in a comparatively shorter time span.

It will take up 22.2 by 18.5 by 26 inches of your working and storage space and weigh 10 pounds when empty. You get a charger that you can hook an extension cord on to or wall outlet with an initial charge taking several hours. A red indicator light alerts you to full charging.

  • ​Heavy-duty 12 inch wheeled cart for easy movement and maneuverability.
  • Capable of delivering up to 15 feet vertically and 20 feet horizontally through an 18 inch handgun.
  • Rechargeable 12 volt battery gives you a two hour run time from a 9 gallon chemical resistant tank.
  • It is difficult to see tank capacity markings.

12. Gilmour Cleaning Sprayer Foamaster II Multi-ratio 895064-1001-

best heavy duty spray bottle
best heavy duty spray bottle

Application: Mixing and spraying foaming chemicals safely.

Effectiveness: Quick-set dial for picking mixing ratios gives precise cleaning solution first time.

Price: Middle of the range compared to similar products

Ease of Application: Excellent alternative to an expensive, loud pressure foam and washer cannon duo.

If you are looking for a cleaning gun ideal for disinfecting, de-greasing or cleaning, then this among the top rated garden sprayers you can get.

Features that make it a great heavy duty spray bottle include a quick set dial that lets you pick the right mixing ration for your chemicals or soap with precise accuracy. It works with a regular hose too.

It is a handheld spraying system that measures and occupies 6 by 11 by 6 inches of your storage and working space and weighs 1.05 pounds when empty.

  • ​​It allows you to mix 4 ounces of your chosen chemicals for each gallon of water.
  • It comes with a spray deflector to protect you from ricocheting spray.
  • It is chemical resistant for a long lasting work life.
  • Its nozzle tends to shoot off at random.

13. NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer – 21 Gallon, 2.2 GPM, 12 Volt DC

spot and broadcast sprayer

Application:Ideal for weeds, trees, fence lines, lawns, fields, roadways, and various isolated target areas.

Effectiveness:Restricted to how long the battery power lasts.

Price:Middle range compared to similar products.

Ease of Application: No hand lugging or backpacking necessary.

The North Star  pull behind lawn sprayer and industrial grade pump, is one powerful sprayer.

You get a trailer boom spot and broadcast sprayer with a remote switch to tow behind your garden or lawn tractor or ATV.

It grants you an ability to perform wide-coverage and precision spraying. It enjoys excellent resistance against corrosive chemicals and harsh working environments.

Its 21 gallon is secured on a heavy-duty steel cart that can handle the roughest terrain. Its retractable tow-bar, removable wheels and axle, and foldable boom arms make storage easy.

For easy liquid level monitoring, gallon marks have been molded into the tank.

  • ​​Easy left and right nozzle control allows enhanced maneuverability in tight spaces, property boundaries, and fence lines.
  • Unique valves with chemical resistant seals last up to five times compared to other brands.
  • 12 foot wide swath saves time and energy through covering a much wider spray area, especially on lawns and fields.
  • Leaves behind tire marks on your lawn.
  • The mount may be a tad higher that most lawn tractors.
  • The wand may awkwardly take time to adjust from being tightly coiled around clamps out front.

14. Pump Pressure Water Sprayers

atomizer hand sprayer

This is a perfect example of a multi-purpose misting atomizer hand sprayer. With this product, you take control of gardening, automobile, and pest and disease control, where spray misting features.

This sprayer atomizer is built to last. It is rust proof and comes with adjustable brass nozzles. Its damage resistant and reinforced plastic body lasts for season after season.

With its chemical resistant seals, you need not worry about dangerous chemicals leaking all over, a challenge common among other poor quality pressure sprayers.

It is lightweight to carry around your garden and particularly comfortable to operate with its arthritis friendly grip handle. Its trigger lock and efficient pump enables continuous misting with less strain.

Its package comes with seven e-books whose purpose is to enlighten you about maximizing how lovely your home, garden, and lawn look with the help of this garden atomizer sprayer. The package measures 12 by 6 by 4 inches and weighs 9.6 ounces.

Should a heavy-duty hand sprayer be an essential tool for your gardening, this garden atomizer sprayer is just the right product in your gardening arsenal. In addition, where rugged reliability and top performance matter around your gardening yard, this sprayer atomizer fits the bill.

  • Perfect for spraying building foundations particularly concrete joints where ants like to borrow. 
  • You can almost shower the entire garden from one spot or mist tall plants without a ladder. 
  • Aggressiveness with the pump handle will break it. Firm up and down motions are enough to charge the bottle. 
  • You must pump a handle to create a vacuum and hold down a button to shoot a mist. 

15. Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Labels (2 Pack) – atomizer hand sprayer

atomizer hand sprayer

You can tell how wonderful in quality the bottles are the moment your open your package. Its amber glass is thick and its sixteen-ounce size relieves you of constantly making new batches of your stored or spraying liquid concoction.

Amiable Traits

Ultra violet resistance traits protect your essential oils and other chemicals from degradation caused by ultraviolet light. Its glass fabrication material is resistant to strong oils and other chemicals such as those with a citrus base.

Its unique design enables it to fit snuggly in your hand yet it is big enough that you need not refill it constantly. It looks lovely, comes with a dependable atom sprayer mechanism with a squeeze trigger.

It also includes a cap, to cover your contents while not spraying, and two labels to help identify your contents.

This atomizer hand sprayer brings unlimited functions that include mixing your homemade cleaners, linen misting as your iron, misting succulents and herbs in your garden, spraying your pests against odor and fleas, and bathroom deodorizer.

Other important functions include non-toxic bug spraying, natural air freshening around your home or office, carpet and floor cleaning, cosmetic face moisturizing, and washing your vegetables.

Physical Features

This atomizer hand sprayer is lead and BPA free. It consists of a phenolic cap for liquid storage without its spraying nozzle.

To help identify its contents, it comes with two bottle labels. In addition, it has stream, mist, and off nozzle settings. It is dishwasher safe too.It measures 8 by 3 by 3 inches and weighs 10.1 ounces when full.

 This atomizer hand sprayer, a clean chemical free and reusable tool, mist-sprays your target with top efficiency.

It will help you assuage your guilt in saving the environment while reducing plastic related chemicals around your home and garden.

  • Glass fabrication prevents plastic related chemicals and odors from leaching into your liquid contents 
  • Allows you to mix your own DIY products letting you know precisely what you use. 
  • Protects your essential oil concoctions from ultraviolet damage 
  • Bottles are breakable if dropped on a hard floor. 
  • You need to check the package carefully to ensure every piece of the product is present and unbroken. 
  • Requires through cleaning before re-using with another concoction 

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