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Universal Tractor Seat With Adjustable Suspension

Do you need a solution for the jarring you suffer as you mow through the bumps on your lawn? Air ride seats for zero turn mowers are products specifically designed for this.

An air ride seat will give you excellent industry specific ergonomics.

These will drastically reduce operation fatigue but not sacrifice your performance or durability the professional in you requires to accomplish your assignments.

The suspension seat for zero turn mower is one that best fits your unique situation. The reviews below will help you pick just the right one for you.


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Air Ride and Suspension Seats For Zero Turn Mowers Reviews 2021

1. Rotary 12530 Seat Suspension Only for Riding Mowers and Tractors

Compatible Models Include:

Husqvarna YTH 18K46
Husqvarna GTH5224
Toro Z-Master 2010 48 inch Mower
Kubota Z421
Cub Garden Tractor

Lovable Features – PROS
  • It comes with easy to operate controls for your weight and riding functions.
  • Its design purposely targets your comfort as you operate equipment with limited vertical space.
Challenges – CONS
  • You may require to remove factory rails under the seat and put a plate between older rails and seat.
  • You must scrutinize instructions closely for proper installation.

This suspension seat for Husqvarna zero turn mower makes your ride 100% better with no more back pains to worry about after you have mowed your lawn for a few hours.

The suspension raises your seat a few inches, which works together with your armrests to put your arms in a much more comfortable working position.

Slight forward and backward sliding of your seat gives you better access and handling of throttle pedal depending on your height.

Its weight adjustment controls lets you adjust the seat to better accommodate your weight as you negotiate extremely rough areas of your yard and reverting back once you are on fairer ground.

It measures 19.5 by 13.5 by 4 inches and weighs 19.39 pounds.

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2. Seat Suspension for Exmark, Kubota, John Deere, Z Trak, Toro, Hustler ZTR Lawn Mowers

Compatible Models Include:

John Deere: 445 – Except Z Trak 600, 500, and 400 series mowers
Toro: Toro Titan 5400, Toro TimeCutter SS4225
Hustler: Hustler Raptor zero turn mower
Scag Tiger Cub 2004

Lovable Features – PROS
  • You will sit up higher on the tractor and gain more ergonomic arm positions to operate the levers.
  • Your hands and arms will come straight off your armrests and onto levers controlling operations.
Challenges – CONS
  • Some models may turn out to be incompatible as a result of annual changes.
  • You must carefully scrutinize diagrams, pictures, dimensions, and mounting patterns to determine its compatibility with your machine.

You must have a John Deere suspension seat for zero turn mower if your zero turn does not have a suspension seat and you running it on bumpy cutting expeditions.

It works by transferring vertical motion resulting from bouncing up and down through bumps into horizontal sliding motions.

Its low profile suspension mechanical system gives you more comfort and a smoother ride from numerous zero turn mower brand names, tractors, and loader machines.

This suspension seat for zero turn hustler mower kit will bolt underneath an existing seat and gives you easily adjustable ride and weight control. It is heavy duty, measures 20 by 14 by 4 inches and weighs 20 pounds.

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3. Seat Suspension Kit Fits Snapper Pro, Ferris, Cub Cadet Tank, Big Dog, Yazoo

Compatible Models Include:

Ferris 2100z
Ferris 400s 48”
Gravely ZT HD52
Snapper 550z

Lovable Features – PROS
  • Installation is simple and straight forward if you keep up with the suspension seat for Ferris zero turn mower directions.
  • Bolt holes all line up therefore there is no need for drilling.
Challenges – CONS
  • You may require to remove some cable ties from the seat shutoff wire allowing enough slack to plug back in.

With compatible models, this suspension seat for big dog zero turn mower fits snugly with no alterations or drilling needed through an hour of installation.

This suspension seat kit works great in removing those bone jarring bumps that arise from hitting hard those holes you see too late.

This seat kit is also easy to adjust. Bounce as you sit on the seat and tighten adjustment until its suspension stops bottoming out from your bounce. That is unless your kit is a used suspension seat for big dog zero turn mower meaning this is already done.

It is a heavy duty commercial product with superb finishing. It contains universal type mounting that fits numerous zero turn mowers with minor changes arising from annual adjustments.

This suspension seat for gravely zero turn mower goes onto your machine through bolting underneath your existing seat and comes with a simple ride and weight control mechanism. It weighs 20 pounds and measures 20 by 14 by 4 inches in dimensions.

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4. Universal Seat Suspension For Most Brands: Ztr Zero Turn Mowers, Deere, Exmark #FD

Compatible Models:

This is a universal seat suspension fitting an array of brands, including:
John Deere

Lovable Features – PROS
  • This seat goes underneath you current seat to give you a more comfortable and smoother ride
  • It comes with an easily adjustable riding and weight control system
Challenges – CONS
  • It is your sole responsibility to determine you purchase the right item fitting your current model mounting configuration.

Undo four bolts, replace with four bolts and you are now ready to venture into the frontlines to fight your ongoing war with the turf.

An excellent way to determine if this Michigan suspension seat for John Deere zero turn mower kit fits your zero turn is to take measurements of your bolt pattern on your seat bottom.

This kit requires to be 11.5 inches front to back and 10.69 to 11.25 inches side by side. An alternative is 9.50 inches side by side for this kit to function.

You also must have slider slacks that give the kit enough room to suspend or move. The alternative would be incorporating longer bolts and spacers that allow the kit some movement.

This suspension seat for John Deere zero turn mower kit will take up to 286 pounds and rises 2.75 inches high. This gives you about one inch of suspension. It measures 20 by 14 by 4 inches in overall dimensions.

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5. VEVOR Universal Tractor Seat Folding Mower Seat Suspension with Armrests and Adjustable Backrest Suspension Seat for Forklifts, Mowers and Tractors

Lovable Features – PROS
  • It is a universal tractor seat compatible with most tractor brands.
  • Fabricated from polyurethane high rebound foam, durable leather, and firm steel plating.
  • Safety assured through highly effective shock absorbers.
  • Comfort arises from adjustable backrest, armrests, and headrest. The backrest can be adjusted up to 115° depending on your comfort level.
  • Fabricated for laborious and tiresome shifts in engineering, construction, lawn, and hauling.
Challenges – CONS
  • A seat belt and mounting hardware are not included in the package despite picture featuring.

This seat will take a maximum load of 287 pounds and has an aft and fore adjustable distance allowance of 7 inches.

You can adjust the back of the seat to a high of 115° of the back to seat area while the suspending range is 3 inches. You can adjust the seat height between 2.4 and 1.2 inches both ways.

Its measures 23.23 by 23.23 by 18.9 inches in dimensions and weighs 76 pounds in the package.

All together, these features create a seat made of the right material that performs wonderfully with its spring seat and reclining back. These features make it ideal for turf, grounds, construction, and industrial equipment.

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6. Happybuy Universal Pro Seat and Suspension Seat with Adjustable Armrest with High Shock Absorption for Riding Mowers Tractors

Lovable Features – PROS
  • Fully adjustable armrests, reclining backseat, with suspension features.
  • Custody of this kind of a seat is critical particularly if your assignments are tiresomely and laboriously spent behind the wheel of an industrial, construction, or farmyard tractor.
  • For your comfort, you get a high back seat with sturdy features and gracious black covering.
  • You get a reclining adjustable back that takes your weight with ease up to 330 pounds.
  • Furthermore, this is a universal seat for your tractor so long as it fits its size.
Challenges – CONS
  • You must check its dimensions and installation features to ensure it fits your tractor before purchasing.

This product has parameters that give you excellent value with less than thirty minutes of unpacking and installation.

You get a fore and aft adjustable positioning 7.08 inches both ways, with dual sliding for a positive seat positioning. Your backrest is adjustable forward 90 degrees and backwards 28 degrees.

You also get mechanical suspension, three-position height, and weight adjustment control systems.

Weight adjustment ranges between 110 and 330 pounds, height between 0 and 2.36 inches, while seat stroke suspension ranges between 0 and 3.15 inches.

These zero turn mower seats measures 23 by 28 by 23 inches and weighs 83.5 pounds. The packages contain a manual, a seat belt, and a suspension seat with head and arm rests.

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7. Grammer MSG95 Air Suspension Seat Case IH Ford New Holland Kubota Massey White

  • This Grammer air ride seat can readily replace the original seat that comes with most tractors. It is a heavy-duty, top quality seat with air suspension assembly qualities.
  • This seat will comfortably take your weight up to 385 pounds and lets you adjust fore and aft movements and height easily.
  • Accessories associated with lumbar support include a seat belt, operator presence switch, and a swivel kit.
Lovable Features – PROS
  • Seat specifically fabricated for absorbing vibrations normal in heavy, axle or cabin suspension tractors.
Challenges – CONS
  • Lumbar support associated accessories are sold separately.

This grammer air ride seat comes with a passive climate control system, stroke suspension rising to 3.9 inches, and a low frequency air suspension powered by a twelve volt built in air compressor.

You will get arm rest kits and a fore and aft seat isolator whose adjustments go both ways 8.3 inches. Seat height adjustment rises 3.1 inches while seat backrest angle has a setting range from minus 10 degrees to 34 degrees.

You can swivel the seat both ways up to twenty degrees, and it weighs 86 pounds. These features come together to create a comfortable working Grammer suspension seat for zero turn mowers for your laborious and tiresome assignments.

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Wrapping Up

Once you have identified the right product from among the above air ride seats for zero turn mowers solutions available in the market, you will not feel like you are riding on a cloud.

However, a suspension seat for zero turn mower will do away with the knee and back pain associated with working on bumps found on your lawn.

Pick a unit that is easy to install, will fit numerous zero turn models, one that removes the kick from the bumps but also makes your work comfortable, and one that works seamlessly with your original seat.

It must also be reliable and come at a worthy cost price.

Dont forget to check our mower section for all mower related issues.


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