9 Benefits of Growing Your Own Herbs and Vegetables

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Herbs and vegetables are an essential part of our diets in various ways. There is no better feeling than having a well-prepared vegetable dish or a savoury dish with the finest herbs.

Benefits of Growing Your Herbs and Vegetables

There are various benefits of growing your herbs. However, the quality of both herbs and vegetables is crucial. So, it is highly advisable to grow your herbs and vegetables after considering expert advice. Here are the reasons why you should consider increasing your herbs:

  1. Growing your herbs and vegetables ensures you the best quality: Whenever you plant your vegetables and herbs, you take care of them with special attention since you understand that the products will be a part of the dish you will serve your family. Freshly picked vegetables have the best flavour and nutritional value compared to those bought from supermarkets. When it comes to herbs, you can use them while they are fresh and flavorful.
  2. It is much Cheaper: Many herbs in the market are expensive. This is due to their fragility and scarcity to satisfy the demand. Additionally, you may have to spend money on transportation to acquire the products you could just have planted in your backyard. Certain herbs such as rosemary and thyme can last for years. They will save you the trip to the market and the revenue you may need. All you need is a seedling that will give you more cuttings, giving you a surplus supply for a long while.
  3. Ensuring you have a variety: Planting your produce assures you of a variety of what you would rather have on your plate. You have the control you need over what you cook instead of being forced to use what is available in the market only. Certain vegetables and herbs are difficult to come across in the market, and when they are available, they are expensive. To keep up with your budget, consider getting a seedling, cutting, or just seeds of the herbs and the vegetables you prefer and starting something yourself. For herbs, rosemary, thyme, basil, and parsley are excellent places to start. Vegetables such as kale, spinach, and other traditional vegetables could be suitable.
  4. Assurance of food Safety: Most of the food products we buy in the local markets or the supermarkets are grown and harvested by other people. This makes it difficult to tell if you handled the produce with sanitation in consideration. We often do not cook them on high heat to preserve the nutrients when preparing vegetables. This could be hazardous if the vegetables were contaminated with e-Coli and salmonella, which are challenging. Additionally, certain chemicals are added to plants in the garden to keep away pests or enhance the vegetables’ fast growth. A majority of these substances are not fit for consumption and could have various side effects on consumption. There is nothing as satisfying as controlling what you put into your body.
  5. Gardening improves the well-being and health of the farmer: Once you begin a small kitchen garden, you are self-driven to start eating what you plant. This is helpful since vegetables like broccolini are very healthy compared to eating junk food and other high-calorie-based foods. Gardening is also considered to be a very peaceful, rejuvenating activity. It enables the gardener to slow down from the rush of life and instead focus on cultivating and reconnecting with nature. There is also a soothing pride in producing from the earth.
  6. It is a fun, elevating activity for kids: Children in this era prefer to stay indoors and play video games or watch movies. These are activities that barely bring any qualities into a child’s life. On the other hand, gardening allows the kid to go outdoors. Additionally, they gain a sense of responsibility as they nurture their plants to maturity. Whenever a child plants something that they believe is to be consumed, they will look forward to the day it will be palatable. When the vegetables are mature, the child will gladly eat the vegetables vital for their growth and development.
  7. Help in building communities: Vegetable gardens always have a way of bringing people and neighbours together. Having a herb garden will attract the attention of those who do not have their own and are curious about going about the activity. There will be those who would want to learn how to go about it, while those who would like to have a bite to taste. This is a good way of getting more friends in your neighbourhood.
  8. Positive environmental impact: Having your kitchen garden significantly affects the environment. First, you get to avoid using harmful chemicals that spread into the soil, water, and the air. Additionally, the pollution caused by the burning of fuel during transportation of the product is cut down significantly. This may be a small but significant way to start caring for nature.
  9. Reduces wastage of food: It is common to buy products in the grocery store and find that it has gone wrong or taste unappealing. Additionally, when picking food from the garden, you will only take what you need. If you have leftovers or excess food, it is easier for you to handle it since you are assured of its freshness. On the other hand, you can use stale food as manure. With all that said, who would not like to have perfect health, peace of mind, and control that comes with nurturing your food? It gives you the ability to enjoy fresh and highly flavoured food. The quality of what you consume is outstanding. There is a variety of what you can plant and simple guidelines on how to start. With or without ample space, there is always a way that includes aerogarden herb pod kits, potting the herbs, urn planters, use of grow bags or even planting the vegetable vegetables in sacks. Start a kitchen garden and enjoy your health.

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The Final Words

Now that you know the various advantages and benefits of growing your vegetables at home, it is time that you take charge and create your kitchen garden right away. Make sure that you look for some of the best seedlings and start the process right away. And, by providing the freshest vegetables on their plates, we are sure that you can give a healthy and fit life to your loved ones. Good luck with your venture!

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