Alpina Motor Olive Harvesting Machine and Scythe


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Use in olive, walnut, pistachio, raspberry, hazelnut, sour cherry harvest.
Possibility to collect without stairs ..
Long life thanks to reinforced aluminum alloy body.
Anti-vibration system on both hands, minimizing vibration to the user.
The most robust body and fork system in its class thanks to the injection alloy casting.
The most practical and fastest tire change.
Comfortable use with ladder to high branches thanks to its back engine.
An average of 3 tons of harvest per day.
92-98% harvest pouring performance of the crop in 1-3 seconds.

Şanzuman Ağırlığı:1.56 kg
Gövde Ebatları:50x62x25 cm
Sarsıcı Kol : 235 cm(2.35 mt)
Vibrasyon Hızı:3500 dev./dk.
Kanca Ağız Açıklığı:35 mm
Garanti :2 Yıl
Ekipman : Ot biçme aparatı ve yedek parçaları
Motor : Alpina 520
Motor Gücü :2.1 HP
Silindir Hacmi  : 52 cc
Motor Tipi : 2 Zamanlı
Kesim Genişliği: 43 cm
Bıçak Ölçüsü:255 mm
Tetik Tertibatı: Pilot Tipi / Sırt
Şaft Tipi / Çapı:Spiral / 26 mm
Benzin Deposu:0.65 Litre
Ağırlık:7 kg

Unlike the old type machines, the engine carried on the back is carried on the back with its ergonomic strap and olive harvest is made in this way. It only makes you feel the vibration caused by the branch;

In addition, the load of the engine does not affect your arms. You can walk more easily, work longer, and most importantly, you will get less tired.

You can collect olives without harming your tree and table olives, and you can collect olives from 1 ton to 3.5 tons per day according to your usage.



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