Where to buy white jasmine plants

Where & why you should plant the white jasmine flower

Where to buy white jasmine plants you may ask?

Jasmine is a term used to generalize plants from the genus jasminium family. The plants originated from different areas of the world.

There are arguments from certain botanists that they all originated from India, near the northern parts of the Himalayas.

The name jasmine means fragrant flower, which would explain its fragrance. The jasmine grows well in many areas so it is easy to get it into many parts of the world.

It is also favored by the sun, so in case you plan to plant it, keep it in an area where it gets as much sun as possible. This means if you plan to plant them in the farm or on a garden, ensure you prune off any braches longer than the jasmine so that they do not block off the sun.

It is a vine plant, so you can be assured that the vine you buy will grow into the space your need. However, if you plan to have it in a pot, you will have to prune it regularly to keep it in check.  It also dies fast if it is subjected to too much dirt, so only cover it lightly.

Benefits and uses of a jasmine

There are many uses of jasmine, ranging from health to beauty.

  1. The use of jasmine is diverse in the medicine sector.
  2. Jasmine lotion has been known to work out issues of the skin like rashes and sunburn.
  3. The raw juice of the flower is a good use in maintaining the skins moisture and its elasticity, which gives the user a youthful look always. Jasmine has been known to be a basic in the aromatherapy industry.
  4.  Its scent is known to have a relaxing effect. This is one of the reasons why it is used for headaches, depression and anxiety.
  5. It is then used in teas and as essential oils. It is also used as an aphrodisiac.
  6. It is used in many cultures to spice up things on the wedding night.
  7.  It is one of the most common oils used in aromatherapy.
  8. It is also used to give fragrances to soaps and shower gels.
  9. Jasmine, when planted is one of the natural options to give fragrances to a room without using artificial aerosol sprays.

Where to buy white jasmine plants

White jasmine plants, like any other plant can be found in most tree nurseries or a botanical garden in the city.

You can also borrow a vine from your friends who have the vines.

However, if none of the options work, you can find one in many online trading platforms like amazon, eBay, Shopify and Alibaba.



You can also login into many agricultural or herb based sites and you will find one that sells the white jasmine plants.

Our recommendations on the brand & where to buy white jasmine plants.

1. 9Greenbox-Jasmine Maid of Orleans Plant

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This jasmine plant is a sweet smelling plant that releases its fragrance at night.

It comes in a pot, and since it does well in the sun, it is easy to put on a windowsill.

It grows up to 1-2inches in a container, so you can be assured of a good amount of fragrance without worrying about an unmanageable bush.

The flowers will assure you of a sweet smelling environment throughout thanks to a plant that grows to 6 inches at its highest.

It is a bushy shrub that will not take up much space but will fill up the room with the heavenly smell.



  • It is a very fragrant brand
  • The brand is a frequent bloomer, so you can be assured of fragrance throughout
  • It is easy to grow as it does not require many particulars
  • It comes in a 4’ Pot


  • It may be easy to grow, but beginners who have never done it before may need a manual, which is not provided.


2. Hirt’s Arabian Tea Jasmine Plant-Maid of Orleans

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The jasmine plant is one of the most fragrant plants, and this brand of white jasmine is one of the most recommended.

You can be assured of a scented environment, any time.

This brand of white jasmine is ever blooming, so you can forget about air fresheners, as they deliver the right dose of fresh scents.

Once bought, the plants you will receive will be about 12” tall and it will be fully budded.

It is also wise to put it near good lighting, like a porch or a windowsill, since it requires at least 60 degrees to grow well.


  • It is an ever bloomer, so you will always have the scent
  • It comes from a trusted brand of plant producers
  • It comes in a 6′ pot, so you can grow it indoors
  • it is homegrown by Hirt’s gardens, a trusted brand
  • It is easy to maintain




  • Compared to others, the brand comes in a 6’pot, which is 2′ bigger than others. This can be a challenge to those who want one for small spaces
  • The package does not include a manual for beginners

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