Where to buy white jasmine plants

Where & why you should plant the white jasmine flower

Where to buy white jasmine plants you may ask?

Jasmine is a term used to generalize plants from the genus jasminium family. The plants originated from different areas of the world.

There are arguments from certain botanists that they all originated from India, near the northern parts of the Himalayas.

The name jasmine means fragrant flower, which would explain its fragrance. The jasmine grows well in many areas so it is easy to get it into many parts of the world.

It is also favored by the sun, so in case you plan to plant it, keep it in an area where it gets as much sun as possible. This means if you plan to plant them in the farm or on a garden, ensure you prune off any braches longer than the jasmine so that they do not block off the sun.

It is a vine plant, so you can be assured that the vine you buy will grow into the space your need. However, if you plan to have it in a pot, you will have to prune it regularly to keep it in check.  It also dies fast if it is subjected to too much dirt, so only cover it lightly.

Benefits and uses of a jasmine

There are many uses of jasmine, ranging from health to beauty.

  1. The use of jasmine is diverse in the medicine sector.
  2. Jasmine lotion has been known to work out issues of the skin like rashes and sunburn.
  3. The raw juice of the flower is a good use in maintaining the skins moisture and its elasticity, which gives the user a youthful look always. Jasmine has been known to be a basic in the aromatherapy industry.
  4.  Its scent is known to have a relaxing effect. This is one of the reasons why it is used for headaches, depression and anxiety.
  5. It is then used in teas and as essential oils. It is also used as an aphrodisiac.
  6. It is used in many cultures to spice up things on the wedding night.
  7.  It is one of the most common oils used in aromatherapy.
  8. It is also used to give fragrances to soaps and shower gels.
  9. Jasmine, when planted is one of the natural options to give fragrances to a room without using artificial aerosol sprays.

Where to buy white jasmine plants

White jasmine plants, like any other plant can be found in most tree nurseries or a botanical garden in the city.

You can also borrow a vine from your friends who have the vines.

However, if none of the options work, you can find one in many online trading platforms like amazon, eBay, Shopify and Alibaba.



You can also login into many agricultural or herb based sites and you will find one that sells the white jasmine plants.

Our recommendations on the brand & where to buy white jasmine plants.

1. 9Greenbox-Jasmine Maid of Orleans Plant

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This jasmine plant is a sweet smelling plant that releases its fragrance at night.

It comes in a pot, and since it does well in the sun, it is easy to put on a windowsill.

It grows up to 1-2inches in a container, so you can be assured of a good amount of fragrance without worrying about an unmanageable bush.

The flowers will assure you of a sweet smelling environment throughout thanks to a plant that grows to 6 inches at its highest.

It is a bushy shrub that will not take up much space but will fill up the room with the heavenly smell.



  • It is a very fragrant brand
  • The brand is a frequent bloomer, so you can be assured of fragrance throughout
  • It is easy to grow as it does not require many particulars
  • It comes in a 4’ Pot


  • It may be easy to grow, but beginners who have never done it before may need a manual, which is not provided.


2. Hirt’s Arabian Tea Jasmine Plant-Maid of Orleans

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The jasmine plant is one of the most fragrant plants, and this brand of white jasmine is one of the most recommended.

You can be assured of a scented environment, any time.

This brand of white jasmine is ever blooming, so you can forget about air fresheners, as they deliver the right dose of fresh scents.

Once bought, the plants you will receive will be about 12” tall and it will be fully budded.

It is also wise to put it near good lighting, like a porch or a windowsill, since it requires at least 60 degrees to grow well.


  • It is an ever bloomer, so you will always have the scent
  • It comes from a trusted brand of plant producers
  • It comes in a 6′ pot, so you can grow it indoors
  • it is homegrown by Hirt’s gardens, a trusted brand
  • It is easy to maintain




  • Compared to others, the brand comes in a 6’pot, which is 2′ bigger than others. This can be a challenge to those who want one for small spaces
  • The package does not include a manual for beginners

Also read this article for some beautiful urn planters that you can use both indoor and outdoor for your jasmine plants.


Benefits of growing your own herbs and vegetables


Herbs and vegetables are an essential part of our diets in various ways. There is no better feeling than having a well-prepared vegetable dish or a savory dish made of the finest herbs.

However, the quality of both the herbs and vegetables is crucial. It is highly advisable to grow your own herbs and vegetables due to many reasons as explained below:

  1. Growing your herbs and vegetables ensures you the best quality.

Whenever you plant your vegetables and herbs, you take care of them with special attention since you understand that the products will be a part of the dish you will serve your family. Freshly picked vegetables have the best flavor as well as nutritional value as compared to those bought from supermarkets. When it comes to herbs, you have the ability to use them while they are fresh and hence flavorful.

  1. It is much cheaper

A variety of herbs in the market is expensive. This is due to their fragility and scarcity to satisfy the demand. Additionally, you may have to spend money on transportation to acquire the produce that you could just have planted in your backyard.

There are certain herbs such as rosemary and thyme that can last for years. They will save you the trip to the market as well as the revenue you may need. All you need is a seedling which will give you more cuttings which will give you’re a surplus supply for a long while.

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  1. Ensuring you have a variety.

Planting your produce assures you of a variety of what you would rather have on your plate. You have the control that you need on what you cook instead of being forced to use what is available in the market only.

There are certain vegetables and herbs that are difficult to come across in the market and when they are available, they are expensive. To keep up with your budget, consider getting a seedling, cutting or just seeds of the herbs as well as the vegetables you prefer and starting something on your own. For herbs, rosemary, thyme, basil, and parsley are a good place to start. Vegetables such as kale, spinach, and other traditional vegetables could be suitable.

  1. Assurance of food safety.

Most of the food products that we buy in the local markets or the supermarkets are grown and harvested by other people. This makes it difficult to tell if the produce was handled with sanitation in consideration. When preparing vegetables, we often do not cook them on high heat in order to preserve the nutrients. This could be hazardous in case the vegetables were contaminated with pathogens such as e-Coli and salmonella which are difficult to get rid off.

Additionally, there are certain chemicals that are added to plants while in the garden to keep away pests or to enhance the fast growth of the vegetables. A majority of these substances are not fit for consumption and could have various side effects on consumption. There is nothing as satisfying as having the control of what you put into your body.

  1. Gardening improves the well-being and health of the farmer.

Once you begin a small kitchen garden, you are self-driven to start eating what you plant. This is helpful since vegetables  like broccolini are very healthy as compared to eating junk food and other high calorie based foods.

Gardening is also considered to be a very peaceful, rejuvenating activity. It enables the gardener to slow down with the rush of life and instead focus on cultivating and reconnecting with nature. There is also a soothing pride in producing from the earth.

  1. It is a fun, elevating activity for kids

Children in this era prefer to stay indoors and play video games or watch movies. These are activities that barely bring any qualities into a child’s life. On the other hand, gardening allows the kid to go outdoors. Additionally, they gain a sense of responsibility as they nurture their plants to maturity. Whenever a child plants something that they believe is to be consumed, they will look forward to the day it will be palatable. When the vegetables are mature, the child will gladly eat the vegetables which are vital for their growth and development.

  1. Help in building communities

Vegetable gardens always have a way of bringing people and neighbors together. Having a herbs garden will attract the attention of those who do not have their own and are curious on how to go about the activity. There will be those who would want to learn how to go about it while there are those who would like to have a bite to taste. A good way of getting more friends in your neighborhood.

  1. Positive environmental impact.

Having your kitchen garden has a significant impact on the environment. To begin with, you get to avoid using harmful chemicals that spread into the soil, water, and the air. Additionally, the pollution caused by the burning of fuel during transportation of the produce is cut down greatly. This may be a small but great way to start caring for nature.

  1. Reduces wastage of food.

It is common to buy produce in the grocery store and find that it has gone bad or tastes unappealing. Additionally, when picking food from the garden, you will only take what you need.

In case you have leftovers or excess food it is easier for you to handle it since you are assured of its freshness. On the other hand, you can use the stale food as manure in the garden.

With all that said, who would not like to have perfect health, peace of mind and control that comes with nurturing your food. It gives you the ability to enjoy the fresh and highly flavored food. The quality of what you consume is outstanding.

There is a variety of what you can plant as well as simple guidelines on how to start. With or without a big space, there is always a way that includes aerogarden herb pod kits, potting the herbs, urn planters, use of grow bags , or even planting the vegetable vegetables in sacks.

Start a kitchen garden and enjoy your health.


BEST marijuana bag

Best Grow bags for marijuana and vegetables

grow bag has per Wikipedia definition is a large plastic bag filled with a growing medium and used for growing plants. But with today’s technological advancements grow bags are no longer limited to plastic material any more, more so the best grow bags are made from non-plastic materials.

Farming using a grow bag is one mode of farming that is preferred by many people due to its easy management and mobile nature. It’s also very cost effective as compared to other modes of farming.

Not forgetting the benefits that come about as a result of growing your own herbs and vegetables.

Factors to consider when purchasing a grow bag.

  1. Material
    When buying a grow bag, it’s important to check if the material allows easy air circulation to the roots and prevents roots circling.
  2. Plant to plant
    Different plants have different requirements and many companies are making bags having this in consideration. For root vegetables it’s advisable to buy grow bags that have access flap while for marijuana farmers bags made for marijuana farming are most advised.
  3. Quantities
    Grow bags come in different sizes, based on the number of plants that can be planted in one bag.
  4. Climate
    Based on where you live choose a bag that is most suited to your climate or rather a bag that can work in any climate.
  5. Place to place
    Where you are going to place the bag plays a big role when choosing what to buy. If you are planning to place your grow bag indoors, it would then be recommended to buy a water proof grow bag to avoid water leakages.
  6. Cost
    This lies securely on your budget. We have different bags in the market with different prices. Best grow bags have more features and a little pricey. But generally grow bags are quite affordable.


Based on the above factors, this is a review on the 3 best grow bags in the market today.

Best grow bags reviews 2018

  1. 247Garden 5-Pack


The 247 garden grow bag is a free standing bag that does not need planters or support.

its thick felt material allows water to pass through freely and at the same time for the water not to pour out on the sides.

The aeration fabric prevents roots from circling thus allowing roots to breathe and grow healthier.

It does well in both hot and climate and can be re used.

It also can be used to grow any plants and vegetables and its available in 11 different gallons.






  1. 420 Grow Bags for Marijuana 5 Gallon (5 Pack). Black Soft Fabric Grow Pots for Cannabis


This growbag is made from a very high quality porous material that allows easy root aeration and it does not retain heat, thus keeping the roots cool even on hot days.

It’s especially made for marijuana farming.

This 420 grow bag has reinforced handles that ease mobility and built in drawing strings to lock in dirt.






  1. ASOON 2-Pack 7 Gallon Garden Potato Grow Bag Vegetables Planter Bags with Handles and Access Flap for Potato, Carrot & Onion


This grow bag is especially made for root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, onions etc. due to the access flap that allows harvesting part of the produce without damaging the plant.

That notwithstanding it can be used to grow any other type of vegetables.

its lightweight, inbuilt handles and water proof features makes it the most preferred bag since one can place it anywhere with no limitation, from the balcony to the stairs to even hanging it on the walls.

This grow bag is climate friendly, re-usable and allows easy air circulation to the roots.

It can handle 4 to 6 potato plants.