11 cheap decorative urn planters that you will love.

Cheap decorative Urn planters have quickly become a must have home décor accessory amongst other urban farming methods like herb seed pod kits, grow bags and many others.

Apart from keeping you in touch with nature while you live in an urban setting , they offer so many other benefits that come about as a result of growing your own herbs and vegetables.

If you are looking for a planter that will not only provide herbs but carry a statement, the following unique urn planters are a good choice.

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Cheap decorative urn planters

1. Regal Art & Gift Frog planter piece- 

Regal art and gift products come in six different styles and are of high quality, durable and lightweight. It has the dual functions of acting as sanctuaries while at the same time acts a plant pot.

The products are made of magnesium oxide formulas are each piece is hand painted with a unique finish that is both stylish and weather resistant.

It is sold by Hour loop and fulfilled by Amazon online stores. As a plus, gift wrappers are available.

2. White Porcelain Petite French Country Style Claw piece-small urn planter

The white porcelain petite French, foot bathtub/ vintage flower pot/ soap dish is a product from the MyGift online stores, fulfilled by Amazon.

With the old French script written on the bathtub, the addition of the weathered edges highlight the popular French decorating theme.

The classic white of the bathtub is contrasted with the outline which is dark brown with an added flare of the rustic script.This piece can double up as a soap dish, accessory tray or even a display item.

This planter is recommendable for use with succulent plants.The piece weighs approximately 4.8 ounces.

3. Vintage Pedestal Style Tabletop Gray Metal with decorative carved edge- cast stone urn planters

Another excellent piece from My Gift stores would be the vintage pedestal style tabletop.  This one is a gray metal succulent urn planter which is a decorative carved edge type.

It has an aura of European elegance, neatly handcrafted in order to give the impression of distressed stone.

With a small hole at the bottom, water is allowed to drain out therefore promoting healthy plant growth when not being used as a planter, it can be a very ideal statement for any shelf top.

Its heart shaped carved trim makes it a perfect planter for vibrant greenery, blooming flowers like jasmine and or dynamic succulents.

4. Oreala Fairy Garden Planter. 

The fairy garden planter is a masterpiece from Oreala which is any faity lover dream come true. They offer a beautiful and magical effect,  whether used indoor or outdoor.

Being made of strong plastic it has been made to withstand the harsh elements of the weather.

It is super easy to work with and a few weeks outside gives it a complete camouflage with your garden, making it look all natural.

The delivery is prompt with guaranteed customer satisfaction, with money refunds on service insatiability.

5. Turtle planter piece.- weather resistant urn

With the height of creativity soaring through the ceiling, what would prove it more than the Turtle planter from What On Earth. It is ideal for succulent and small plants.

It is made of sturdy polyresin with a weathered finish. It ca be used both indoor and outdoor, but with its weather resistant qualities, it can survive outside all year long.

With its small compartments, you are allowed to make dazzling displays of flowers of your favourite plants.

Then again, with its 21” long and 15” wide kind of stature, who is not going to see this dazzling piece in your garden?

6. Indoor-outdoor head resin.

If you are the type that likes bold and beautiful with a sense of appreciation of art, well then, this Art and Artifact piece might just be the thing for you.

The head of a lady is a great piece of display which also doubles up as the plant potter. It is well designed to give an artist charm and calming effect.

It is sturdy and stable, which keeps it upright during plant maintaining processes and avoids any unnecessary damages or mess.

It is made of string resin composite that makes it weather resistant and remarkably durable.

Also, it has the option of directly filling up the head with dirt or alternately filling up smaller pots then fixing it inside the head.

It can be used both inside the house or on the garden on patio.

Its delicate art designed features give charming and calming effects. It can be used as a display centre piece or a planter or holder. It has a prompt delivery service

7. Giraffe planter: Safari pieces.

 For the outdoor junkies, the giraffe planter from Oriental would be the perfect fit missing from your patio or garden.

It is made from durable polyesin which makes it a hardcore with the harsh weather elements.

It is made with a natural textural design and has a drainage hole to help in healthy propagation of your plants. This would be the dramatic flare you just need for your garden.

And it has prompt delivery so you do not have to agonizingly wait for your package.

8. The Christopher Knight Home.

For the antique lovers, this piece from Christopher Knight Home would be a heaven sent accessory to your garden or indoor shelves and countertops.

This piece is made from molded plaster and is therefore weather resistant.

It does have a drainage hole that you can cover to prevent dirt from falling out.

It weighs approximately 7-10 pounds, which allows for easy transportation and set up.

9. Tinksky Cute Hedgehog.

For those fairy lovers and those in love with life of the woods, this heavenly piece from Tinksky would be the one for you.

The Hedgehog Flower Sedum Succulent Pot Planter which also doubles up as a Bonsai Trough Box Plant Bed Office or Home Garden Pot Decoration.

It can be used as a fleshy kind of shelf or a storage box if you don’t like the idea of putting it out in the garden. It is made of resin and is therefore as durable as it can get.

10. Yorkie Planter – Outdoor Dog Urn Planter – Cute Garden Statue.

For the dog lovers, it cannot get any better. With the Yorkie planter from Bits and Pieces, you have got youself a cute outdoor gig statue to make everyone envious. It has been crafted in steel with a rustic bronzed patina.

The planting pot is 4 1/2¨ in diameter with a height of 11¨ *13 1/2¨. However, it was not designed to be sturdy.  Therefore, it would not be recommended to put anything that is heavy.

11. Starburst Design Ceramic Flower Planter Pots / Decorative Plant Containers with Saucers.

This pieces are a courtesy of My Gift. Each flower pot is made of steady ceramic with a glossy finish in white. 

Each planter has a drainage hole but with an associated saucer to prevent damage and unsightly mess than can be caused by water dripping on your surfaces.

This pieces can be used to grow herbs in your kitchen or a succulent herb for your living room.

The dimensions of each pot are 4.3¨ in height with a diameter of 5.2¨. As an added bonus, this package comes with multi purpose towels.

Whether for your indoor or outdoor decor, this cheap decorative urn planters offer an exclusive feel of the earth in miniature form.

Due to their size, you do not have to get dirty maintaining it, compared to an actual flowerbed. So its all the beauty with lesser the effort.

Ensure you find one that suites your style.


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